A Dirty, Lulu Lemon Day
Had a lovely birthday today – Renu came over before we headed downtown to the festival with a cake and flowers, and then I spent the day with my husband – who, as thoughtful as he is, gave me a jar of Jonathaon product that I’ve been coveting. It’s called Dirt – the idea behind it is to give your freshly washed hair that rough, day-after texture that so many of us covet. The concept was lost on Renu, she didn’t understand why people would want to make their clean hair feel dirty. It’s a difficult concept to explain.

(My husband buys me hair product – how devoted is he?)

AND Tay also gave me a leather over the shoulder TIFF bag – it has all kinds of nifty compartments and fits a lot (I packed my knitting, my sweater, a book, my makeup bag, water and wallet and had room to spare). Plus, it’s worth mentioning that my husband waited in line for one and a half hours to buy me this bag. Now that’s true love.

AND part of my birthday present from Tay was a mini-shopping spree in Eaton Centre – he was out shopping for me yesterday and saw a bunch of stuff he liked, but wanted me to have the final say, so he took me out today so that I could pick out some stuff we both liked.

I was undecided until we went into LuluLemon – I am most definitly I LuLu girl from here on out – we left the shop with a yoga jacket, pants, top and running vest. Not only did I blow the budget Tay gave me, but I also used the gift card my coworkers gave me last week AND the birthday money my mother sent me. (I learned very quickly that LuluLemon clothes are very cool, but also rather expensive, so the shopping spree there was a spurge for sure!).

And, How Many Girls Are In The Same Room With Both Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger on Their Birthday?

(Brokeback Mountain – the North American premiere was tonight. Movie #5)

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