Nothing Feels Better Than A Saturday
(With Photos)

I remember reading somebody’s blog once where they captured their day with their camera – I’m always up for trying new and adventurous things on my blog, so I decided to do the same. (Yes, I’m a bit of a copycat).


Fixed my sunflowers, which I bought a week ago for only $3! I’m impressed with how well they have held up, but this morning I had to tie them with some string so they would stand straight.


Fixed a couple of rows in the scarf that I am knitting for Irene’s birthday present (it’s the yellow bit, which is her favorite color, and it’s a merino wool that I found in the discount bin). The purple and white squares to the left are the completed squares for the quilt I am making. I’m using just purple and white, and will put it on my guest bed when it’s finished. I currently have a white quilted duvet on there and the plan is to get mauve sheets to match the quilt.


Cleaned my office – which has been needing it for a while. The pictures above the book case are all photos I took when we were in New Orleans I few years ago. I can’t look at those photos without feeling an intense longing to visit there again.


Went for a haircut with Vito – I told him that the length was driving me crazy, and that I didn’t like the jagged, shaggy look to my hair when I straightened it. I asked him about chopping it all off to just below my chin – he agreed with me and so we hacked a lot of it off. There’s still layers but there not as prominent and it’s almost all one length except for my bangs. Tay said that it’s an adjustment, which it is, I go to pull my hands through my hair and am freaked when I run out of hair unexpectedly!


Cataloged and stocked my wine rack with the two new bottles of wine that I bought on my way home from my haircut. One of the wines was referred to me by a friend of a friend (who tastes wine for a living) and had commented that she was “struck by its perfection”. Moments after I pulled it off the shelf I overhead the vintages chick recommending another wine to a guy who was shopping for a housewarming gift. She described his bottle as ‘very prestigous’ and since it was in the same price range (his $33, mine $30), when the woman asked me if I needed any help, I had to ask her which was the better wine, the one I was holding or the one she had just recommended. She took one look at the one in my hand and said quickly, “Go with the one you have. I gave it a Wow and it doesn’t get any better than that”.


Put Roomba to work while I cleaned the kitchen. She’s zipping around the dining room in this photo – the silver case in front of the wine rack contains our poker chips. The case is pretty heavy so I put it there to block Roomba from bumping up against the wine rack and causing the shelf to vibrate.


Finished cleaning my kitchen – dishes had to be washed and put away. The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house and we spend a lot of time there when company comes to visit – which they are, we’ve got Caius and Elisa and Simona coming for dinner.

And that’s my day so far – I’m off to make dinner as they’re on their way, but if we take any photos during their visit, I’ll be sure to post those as well :). Oh yeah, there’s no photo of it, but I did go running at around 10:30 – ran for 25 minutes (4km!) without stopping.

P.S. I almost forgot! Apparently, my husband has started a blog. He hasn’t gone public with it yet, and doesn’t know if he will, but I am DYING of curiousity.

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