Happiness Can Be Bought, For The Low, Low Price Of $69.95.

When we were in Vegas, one of the things I quite enjoyed were the cushioned lounge chairs by the swimming pools. Shortly after we got home, I became determined to buy a similiar chair for our patio – but everywhere I looked, they were sold out. Finally, I spotted the perfect one in Loblaws, for $89.95 which fit within my $100 budget – but when I got to customer service I was told they were sold out. Despondent, I gave up my search until this past Monday, when I was shopping for my groceries at Loblaws and I saw all their loungers on sale – with boxes and boxes stacked behind them. My lounger, originally priced at $89.95 was marked down to $69.95.

By the time I got home and set up my new lounger it was too late to enjoy it, so I left the plastic on it and played 5 hours of poker instead. On Wednesday, Renu and Helen came for dinner (I made chicken fajitas and guacamole – the guac was so smooth and creamy and Renu declared it to be “as good as Caius’s” who first introduced us both to it) and Helen brought her daughter Morgan, who’s now 15 months. Morgan had fallen asleep in the car and since we were eating dinner on the patio, I told Helen to put the baby on the lounger. Helen didn’t think Morgan would sleep there but we quickly wrapped her in a blanket and slid her on and there she slept, unmoving for at least half an hour if not longer (long enough for us to chat and eat dinner).

Now that I know the lounger is perfect for napping, my plans for the weekend include my new piece of patio furniture and most likely a glass (or two) of red wine. Happiness can be bought, for the low, low price of $69.95 :).

Oh yeah, the blanket Morgan is buried under is the afghan I knitted a few months ago – it’s quite small actually but it would appear that it’s the perfect size for babies :).

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