Three Years Today
I didn’t know it then, but three years ago today my life changed in a way I couldn’t even imagine by the most beautiful baby boy who would often cry in the arms of others but who slept peacefully when tucked into mine and who, once he learned to talk, would shut Aunt Ta-ta when he heard me at the door..

Today Jagrit turns three.

(Last summer).

His birthday party was yesterday, complete with cheese pizza, chocolate and a clown/magician named Henry. Henry was able to do some pretty cool magic tricks but he erred greatly while asking each of the kids their favorite color and what kind of balloon animal they would like.

I would have liked a pink pig, but he didn’t ask me what I would like. If he was a TRUE clown magician, it would have been apparent to him that really, I’m seven years old instead of the almost 30 that people seem to think I am.

Shame on Henry.

Anyhow, last year I gave Jagrit a Fisher Price bike, but now that he’s a big boy, Tay and I figured that he deserved a set of wheels that would increase his cool-level in the playground drastically (because we all know that his current haircut is working against him; I think Renu is close to shaving his head, something I’ve been after her to do for oh-so-long) and so we got him a go-kart type car:

The kids at the party would largely impressed by the size of the box and I think every kid must of slipped a finger under an edge of the wrapping paper at least once. Jagrit was pretty excited when he unwrapped it but then became very disappointed when he was told he couldn’t open the box until after the party. He spent the last part of the party sitting on the box with his back to people, shoving off the kids that tried to climb on the box with him. I was told that the car was assembled this morning, much to the excitement of Jagrit – he hasn’t been out in it yet, but as soon as I can, I’ll be sure to take photos of him zooming around the neighborhood.)

(I brought my camera to the party but my batteries were almost dead so I hardly got any photos – I took a lot with Renu’s camera though – and as soon as she uploads them, I’ll post a couple on here).

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