Can’t Get Enough

This week Tay and I have booked yet another trip to Vegas – he’s going for business and I’m tagging along for the ride. We’ll be going the first of November, Tay leaves the Tuesday, I fly in separately Wednesday night, and then we fly back together on the red-eye Saturday night. We’ve got confirmation from a couple of poker-buddies that are coming with us and will be attending the car show with Tay – hopefully, they’ll get the car stuff done by the time I arrive, but if not, I’m sure I can amuse myself at the poker tables :).

And if that wasn’t enough to look forward too, I have the last week of August off (building shutdown) and Stacy is coming mid-week for the long weekend.

TIFF is September 8-17 so I have that week off as well, plus my birthday is on the 10th (with a BBQ planned on the 3rd to celebrate), and my duathalon is the 11th.

Vegas is November, and then it looks like I’ll be heading to Halifax for a few days at Christmas.

There’s maybe TOO MUCH to look forward to in the next five months, but these are the things I am looking forward to most:

Vegas: Poker tournaments at the Aladdin, poker at MGM, lunch at the Palm and breakfast at the Paris!

Stacy’s Visit: Canada’a Wonderland, the BBQ (good food, lots to drink, karaoke and an all-night poker session!), having her here!!

Week of TIFF: My birthday dinner, the duathalon, seeing 30 movies in one week and sometimes 5 movies in one day!

Halifax in December: Spending Christmas with my family, seeing my friends, donairs and May Garden Chinese!! 🙂

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