No Scientologists Allowed
My husband gravely broke the news to me this evening that Giovanni, number one on my friends list for quite some time, is a scientologist. Having seen him on an episode of Dinner for Five I had known that he was a smoker, an issue that I was struggling to come to terms with, but I’m not so sure that I can get over this particular flaw. Ever since Tom Cruise has made a public mockery of himself in his advocacy of scientology, I’ve been unable to not raise a suspecting eyebrow to those that are otherwise inflicted.

Giovanni has in fact been quoted as saying, “Without Scientology, I would be in an alley somewhere, looking for dope.”

How ironic that I had just moments ago just commented to my husband, “I would rather have heard that he was a heroin addict.”


You might want to check the list of celebrity scientologists to determine whether your own is on the list. While not surprised to see the names of Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley and Juliette Lewis, I was surprised to see Jason Lee on the list. I wonder if Kevin Smith can be convinced to do a Dogma-like movie about scientology.

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