Maybe There are Angels After All
My mother just called me a few minutes ago to let me know that my sister and her husband were involved in a car accident this evening – both of them, and the parties involved, are okay, but the accident was pretty severe – from what my mother told me, another car hit Jody and Andy head on – and a taxi cab behind them ended up hitting them from the rear. Both the car at fault and Jody and Andy’s car is written off – and the police officer at the scene said that it’s a miracle that everyone walked away from the accident.

I am thinking of both Jody and Andy and trying hard not to think about how this could have turned out instead. I’m so relieved that they’re both okay, and grateful for whatever/whoever was watching out for them tonight.


Jods () @ 07/29/2005 05:43:
It was really bad Tawny, really bad – there is no front end left to our car… totaled. Here in England they are called crashes… this definitely was that. We are both quite shaken and very bruised and sore, but so thankful to be alive. If you could see the car you would have expected differently – thank God we had our seatbelts on. Hopefully we will talk to you this weekend.

Renu () @ 07/29/2005 09:00:
Thank god.

Tina () @ 07/29/2005 09:31:
Jody- I’m soo glad you’re both alright. Tawny’s right, someone was looking out for you both.

Dawn () @ 07/29/2005 19:16:
Holy Shit! I’m so glad you are both okay!!!!!

Taylor () @ 07/30/2005 08:45:
Guys, I’m very happy to hear you are both okay.What kind of car were you in? Was it head on (full bumper to full bumper) or was it offset (half and half?)? Whatever it was, it sounds like it did it’s job well.

Jods () @ 07/30/2005 11:49:
We were in a rover 25 – Enlish made cars. Ironically enough the Rover Industry has just shut down but these cars (as much as I wasn’t fussed for it) were sturdy enough to help save our lives or at least, serious injury. I have blogged about it today so you can find more details there…

Caius () @ 08/02/2005 10:53:
So glad to hear that you and Andy are okay. Hugs and kisses from Elisa, Simon and me. Bah, Simona, not Simon. Damn fingers!Feedback-to-Feedback

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