Sonny Say You Will
The summer I was 18, I was in my boyfriend’s bedroom listening to music. When Sonny Say You Will came on his stereo, I told him how much I loved that song and made him play it for me over and over again. The next day when I was at work, he came to visit me with a gift he had made – it was a cassette tape and the only song on it was Sonny Say You Will. He had filled the tape with the song he knew I loved, and I remember listening to it with him in my room one afternoon. The song played over and over and over again and in those moments, it seemed like time was standing still.

I was listening to a mix CD that I had made and mixed in with a bunch of my other favorites was Sonny Say You Will. Nostalgia is a powerful thing – immediately, I was back in my high school bedroom, hearing that song play. I can remember how young I was – I had just graduated high school and in the fall I was going to university and for all I knew, I thought I was in love.

It was a long, long time ago, and a time that I have left behind but for the few minutes that I listened to that song, it felt like yesterday.

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