You Know It’s Hot When…
I stepped off the air conditioned bus this morning and immediately, my glasses fogged up upon contact with the heat. I’ve gone from the cold into a warm house and had that happen, but never the reverse. When I got to work I checked the temperature – it’s 29 degrees, 40 with the humidex (and that was at 10am).

After checking it now, it’s 30 degrees, 42 with the humidex. Elisa and Simona were going to come meet me for lunch, but I advised her not to as it’s just too hot for the baby to be out in this (they were going to walk over). So instead, we planned a sleepover for tomorrow night, which will not only be fun, but means that’s two less commutes for me this week :).

Of course, this means that I didn’t pack a lunch so I will need to brave the heat to forage for food. It’s going to be sticky, I’m sure, but if I bring my litre bottle of water with me and wear my shades, I should make it back safely.

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