How Sweet It Is

On Friday night I went and hung at Renu’s place for the evening – we had dinner and then me and her and the kids hung around in the kitchen, talking and laughing. Jayant, who hasn’t been overly talkative lately, was very involved in the conversation – and, because he has just lost one of his front teeth this week, everytime he laughed or smiled, it was all I could do not to laugh at how cute he is.

Jagrit chattered none stop – at one point, he was sitting on the table facing me, his feet resting against my stomach and I was asking them about Marineland. Jagrit became very agitated talking about the dolphins – as he talked the louder he got and he spoke with such intensity that I dissolved into a fit of laughter that brought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure exactly what he said but it involved feeding the dolphins. I think.

They are such lovely children, I don’t know if Renu realizes how lucky she is to have such charismatic, beautiful children. After the events of last Thursday, it did my heart good to be around them – I was reminded of all that is still beautiful and innocent in the world.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (and Family)
Tay and I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith this afternoon – as we walked into the theatre we spotted a woman making her way to her seat, carrying a small baby. We groaned inwardly and Tay directed me to sit on the other side of the theatre, as far away as possible. About five minutes into the movie, we could hear the baby start to fuss and then cry. And cry some more. I did my best to ignore it until the family’s two other kids decided that the grownup movie wasn’t all that interesting and decided to bicker and run around at the bottom of the theatre. I glared into the darkness in their direction, and fumed – fortunately, the parents had the good sense to collect their children and leave the theatre. But where was their good sense to not bring their family of small children (and baby) into a theatre for a movie which is obviously a grownup flick?
I’m not going to get up on my soapbox again, because I’ve been up there before and I’ve made my point clear. Young children and babies don’t belong in grownup movies, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to behave (or in the case of babies, sleep through the movie) and it’s really not fair to the hundreds of other people in the theatre (including the parents that have paid for a baby sitter so they could come to the movies without the distraction). Bah. Not getting into it again, except to say I don’t like it.

I did like the movie though – I enjoyed it very much, it was very fun and I think, without a doubt, Angelina is probably one of the most beautiful women on this planet.

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