I Did Minor in Mathematics in University
According to my calculations, the following is true for the past 63 hours:

Total time asleep: 4 hours
Total time dozing*: 3 hours
Total time awake : 56 hours

*Dozing being that gray area where you’re not really awake but neither are you asleep. Only marginally better than being awake.

I called both my pharmacist and the doctor that prescribed me the pills and explained that I am not sleeping. At all. When the doctor’s office called back, I was told that I could stop taking them completely, or I could start taking them in the morning. Well, considering that like most people, I’d prefer to sleep at night and be awake during the day, I think I’ll switch to the morning.

I could stop taking them but my skin is finally clear and I can now wear a short sleeved shirt without being embarrassed by the fact that I am covered in angry red blotches. Call me vain, I don’t care.

The good news is that I am off the pills for tonight which means I WILL sleep tonight.

Hopefully, this is the end of what I unaffectionately have labeled “The Series on Sleeplessness.” 🙂

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