Sometimes, when I am walking home from the bus stop after work, I can’t help it, I start to run because I can’t WAIT to see him.

I wonder if, 28 years ago on this day and at a particular moment, I might have stopped what I was doing because I somehow knew that the rest of my life would be affected by a baby boy being born at that moment.

I wonder if all the colors that I saw, all the scents that I smelled, all the sounds that I heard became a little bit brighter, a little bit stronger, a little bit louder.

And I wonder if, maybe, I looked at my mother and perhaps gave her a reassuring smile that let her know that I was going to be just fine, because the man that would love me unconditionally and make all my dreams come true had arrived in the world.

I wonder about these things and in my heart, I believe them to be true.

Happy Birthday to my husband and my best friend, and to the person I love more than anything else.

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