Bleeding Heart

Earlier this year I participated in BFKS and raised close to $400 in pledges thanks to the generousity of my friends and family who understood how much I cared for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I’ve been invited to participate in another pledge-based fundraiser through my new job, and it’s the Heart and Stroke Adventure Challenge. Workplaces put together teams, raise pledges and then go off and compete in an adventure course challenge. I’ve been a supporter of Heart & Stroke for a few years now – I’ve seen the scars from open heart surgery on the chest of a very young girl and I’ve seen the strain that stroke can have on a very tight family.

My personal goal is to raise $150 for the Adventure Challenge. I’d appreciate any donations, but I’m sure I already tapped most of my friends earlier this year when I raised money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I thought I’d mention it just in case people have a few extra dollars that they can spare :). I donate to Heart and Stroke in September so if I fall short of my goal, then I’ll just make my donation a little earlier this year. So no pressure, but I thought I’d mention it :).

You can pledge me here.

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