Knowing When

Today I tried to remember the last time I had some time by myself and was unable to call to mind anything (except my commute to and from work and sorry, but sitting in traffic is not my idea of decompressing). I’m pretty good at knowing when I’m nearing my limit of social interaction and when it’s time for me to allow myself to be the anti-socialite that I (at times) enjoy being. This morning I decided that I needed to take some time for myself and, even though I really wanted to see Renu and the kids I begged off on our relatively tenative lunch plans, pleading that I just needed some time on my own.

So after sleeping until 11 (we played poker until 3am last night), I spent some time on my PC/folded laundry while I copied music onto my MP3 player and then I went to the park to begin my running program (I had worked my way up to running for 20 min on the treadmill at the gym and have now taken my running to the cement, and since it’s vastly different it means I’m back at square one). On the way home from the park I thiefed some lilacs from the excessive number of bushes in the park (featured in the above photo). I continued with my laundry and did some light housework (Roomba did the bulk of it; anyone with limited time on their hands NEEDS a robotic vacuum), had my lunch on the patio and then took my glass of wine and had a long, leisurely bath. Following the bath I threw When Harry Met Sally on the player, grabbed some latex gloves (in an effort to avoid an angry flare up) and knitted a few rows on my blanket (that I have neglected for skin reasons for the past few months).

I ended the day by barbequing more shabobs and boiling some corn on the cob for dinner and then curled up on the couch to watch Spanglish with Tay (who had a very tiring day of racing – but despite only getting 3hrs of sleep he still managed to place 2nd – how awesome is he?).

It is now closing in on midnight and I’m tired but a good tired, not a resentful tired and am feeling fresh and invigorated and ready to start the week.

(My next blog will be trip related…I promise :).

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