I Can Smell It!
This is SO where Part Two of my trip blog should be but I am at this moment so tired I feel like I could sleep for five million years. I came down with a nasty sore throat the weekend before we went to Vegas and although I managed to fend it off mostly for the duration (minor stuffed head and general slight fatigue – which may or may not have been caused by my cold (I have yet to blog about the poker 😉 ), when we travelled home Saturday I was hit pretty hard by a miserable cold. All this week at work I’ve been feeling like crap, incapable of catching up on my sleep AND run pretty ragged because not only do I have a lot on my work-plate but I’ve also taken on a lot of responsibilities of another staff who I (crazily) gave six weeks of vacation to.

All I wanted to do today was sleep but prior to Vegas I had signed up for a Solo 2 school and of course the school was this weekend – I spent most of today squealing around pylons and smelling the rubber I scraped off my tires. As I was doing figure 8’s I could smell the rubber and it was at that point I shrieked to my instructor, “I can smellllll it!” The class was really good though and a lot of fun – I learned a lot about driving the Type R and it’s increased my confidence behind the wheel considerably (there’s just something about accelerating towards a pile of pylons and having the instructor yelling for me to go faster only to swerve at the last second). I haven’t quite decided if I will participate in any of the Solo 2 events – I’m thinking that I might but I also know how protective I am of my free time on the weekend so we’ll have to see. Tay mentioned that I definitely improved my time on the mock-Solo 2 course they set up (when I wasn’t hitting cones) and he expects that I could be one of the faster female drivers but who knows. Regardless, today was a lot of fun (even though it was an exhaustive end to an exhaustive week) but my body aches from sitting behind the wheel all day so I’m off to soak in the tub.

Vroom-vroom :).

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