Shameless Plugs
I noticed how days (or even a week) can go by and my blog doesn’t get updated and then I realized that just because I’m not updating this blog, I’m still updating my other blogs. So shameless plugs for blogs that might not get checked on a regular basis:

The Edible Woman: The last time I updated my writing blog was in December, 2003. The fact that I updated it earlier this week is momentous because it means that I actually wrote something.

KnitLoco: I haven’t been knitting lately and while I don’t know if I explained why here, the details are over there, including photos of the blanket that I made for Simona.

I’ve also updated my poker blog but won’t post the link because it’s top secret information and if I let you go there, I would then have to hunt you down and swear you to secrecy in cruel and unusual ways.

P.S. I store things that I want to blog about in my head and every so often check to make sure they are still there. Last time I checked, they were. The weekend ahead is a quiet one, so I may dust off one and post it finally.

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