TypeR Girl
When a friend of ours recently decided to sell their Integra Type R, we very quickly decided to purchase it. My first car that I got only a couple of years ago was an Integra but an automatic, and after we sold it, I started driving the Civic (my first standard). The TypeR is everything good about my old teg and the civic. It’s nice looking, has luxuries I enjoy (power windows, power locks, power STEERING) and it’s fast. Really, really fast.

Last Monday I took it out on the highway for the first time – even though we’ve had the car for about a month now, I’ve been driving it only a little bit until I got used to the clutch and how it engaged (I was consistently stalling it the first couple of times I drove it). But Monday when I went to Brampton for lunch with my former coworkers, I ended up on the highway with it and decided to play with it a bit.

Just as I was getting on the highway, I spotted an older (late 80’s, early 90’s) Integra coming up the far right lane – right around the time I saw it, it spotted me and as I watched, it switched into the right lane and slowed down, giving me the chance to merge in and over to the far right lane. As I whooshed past them I saw them checking out the car – and then very quickly they sped up and moved into the lane behind me. They chased me up the highway for a good 10km; everytime I sped up or switched lanes, they followed suit until finally I (got bored) manouevered away and took off .

Since then, I’ve been noticing the car getting a lot of attention, especially when I’m trying to get out of downtown. Today, as I made a turn onto a side street, I watched a group of young guys turn to take a look at the car. (The added attention unnerved me a little, I accidentally squealed my tires as I pulled away).

I’ve never really driven a car that’s worth looking at. My old Integra was a very sensible, non-descript car (dark green and a four door) and the Civic, being more than 10 years old was just another Civic. People look at the Civic but only because it’s LOUD (it’s been compared to a jet engine :). But now, I’m getting people looking at the car because it’s pretty damn cool. And I’ve got to say, I feel pretty damn cool driving it.

(The other day, I gave a girl I work with a ride home, and as I shifted into a higher gear, she enthusiastically declared that I was the luckiest girl in the world. So smitten is she with the TypeR that this morning, she was so busy staring at my car parked at work that she almost walked into a pole).

My old Integra was names Lisa, and had a Lisa Simpson figurine displayed on the dash (in her Sunday best). The Civic was (and still is, I suppose) Marge, with Office Marge in full uniform riding the dash. I figure someday when we have a kid and get a practical and sensible vehicle to lug groceries around in, I will name it Maggie and a figurine will be on the dash. I’m not sure what the new car is named, but I’m open to suggestions (and it doesn’t neccessarily have to be Simpson related).

Any thoughts?

PS. I’m such a bad friend that I failed to mention in my previous post that last Wednesday was Renu’s birthday. But in my defense, if *I* was Renu, I would forgive me – because a bad friend probably wouldn’t offer to babysit her kids (on a WORK NIGHT) while her and husband go off to see Mama Mia.

Happy (belated) Birthday to my lovely, charming and beautiful friend Renu :).

(I hope that she forgives me!)


Stace () @ 04/19/2005 22:19:
Yolanda. and Happy Belated Birthday Renu!

Heather () @ 04/20/2005 11:19:
Two years ago I owned a Toyota camry, and let me tell you, I know all about the stares…everyone thought that piece of machinery was hot. Funny, the same thing happened when I owned my topaz…

Renu () @ 04/20/2005 12:04:
You are the best friend any girl can ever have !

Simpsons Fan () @ 04/21/2005 10:17:
Name the car Whalen Smithers… it’s an awful girly looking car.

Dawn () @ 04/21/2005 12:56:
I’m partial to Willy(it’s the accent I think!), but Mojo is a great name! That’s Homer’s monkey, right?

Jods () @ 04/21/2005 13:54:
The car is really nice – I’ve always been partial to a two-door sports style (even if they were the dime-a-dozen sunfires!) Its what got me caught into being unable to get out of my lease – if I’d picked the four dour-automatic it would have been re-leased ages ago. Now I have a four-door boring family car and would give anything to go back to the sporty versions. I just don’t like ‘family’ cars

Jods () @ 04/21/2005 13:54:
Oh, and your friend IS very beautiful! Renu sometimes I forget just how stunning I think you are! Happy Belated!

geo (http://www.hotmayo.com) @ 10/21/2005 20:18:
Have you got a name yet? How about the Typist? 😉 Yeah, it was worth a shot…Haha! Don’t know if this alerts you to comments posted, but nice car! You definitely must be the hottie chick driving the Type R, eh?

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