Smaller is Better
I was getting ready to go to the gym yesterday, and as I was going to be running, I pulled on a sports bra I hardly ever wear, then my spandex top for further support and then my t-shirt. I groaned at the monstrous uno-boob that resulted but shrugged it off – the whole uno-boob has become an unavoidable, unfortunate part of my running.

But then moments later, I noticed a peculiar thing.

I couldn’t breathe.

I began clawing at the sports bra in an effort to GET IT OFF but first I had to remove the top two layers. By the time I got everything off, I was close to a minor panic attack, but once I was able to gust in some air, I was okay.

Considering the amount of technology that exists today, why do sports bras continue to be torture devices? Yes, I know that it’s a challenge keeping gals from flopping around but we also need to be able to BREATHE at the same time. Why do I need to wear a sports bra AND a spandex top for full support? Why did I have to resort to wearing my top with my less-supportive and less constrictive bra (therefore resulting in some movement when I ran) just so I can breathe? Or are maybe big-chested gals not meant to run or do any form of aerobic exercise? (We all know how much more attractive slim, flatchested girls look when they do either).

Having a big chest is NOT a fabulous thing. It’s over-rated. And even though we see celebrities with big boobage popping out of Oscar-evening gowns, and some might say that big is back and it’s beautiful, when you’re bigger you don’t really feel that way. At least I don’t.

I would trade down in a second. And I would go all the way down. Think the alphabet in reverse.

In a second. A NANO-SECOND.

And If I Wasn’t Annoyed Enough
I think I might have a sensitivity/allergy to yarn. But as this isn’t the place for yarntalk, I’m heading over to knitloco to further vent.

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