Yet Another Blog
Anyone that knows me can tell you that when I find something I like, I obsess over it. In the past couple of years, recent obsessions have included blogging, simming, knitting, playing poker and making/eating guacamole. And if I can do more than one obsession at a time, I’m a happy gal. (Just last night I managed to knit, read and make dinner all at the same time – reading isn’t on the above-mentioned list because that’s an obsession that’s been around for as long as I could breathe).

I’ve created blogs centered around my obsessions – I have both a reading and writing blog (though I’ve neglected them both, tsk) and I’m also playing with a poker blog though I doubt that I will make it public. When I got married I kept a wedding blog and I’ve no doubt that somewhere down the (longish)road there will be a baby blog too.

And now, I have a knitting blog.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Feel free to visit, but be forewarned that I’ll be blathering about yarn and needles a lot. But I’ll also include photos of my projects as I finish them, and I’m not a stranger to modelling my projects here and there. So you might just get to see photos of me more often at the knitblog :).

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