The Eternal Pursuit of Truth, Happiness and Total Indulgence
I was speaking with a friend today and we were discussing the merits of a good chocolate chip cookie. I confessed that my one true weakness in this world is a heavily chipped chewy chocolate chip cookie. My pursuit of cookie-perfection has given me the opportunity to try many a cookie and I do believe that I might have a Chocolate Chip (Chunk) Top Five Cookie List.

5. Subway’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie
There was a time when the Subway cookie might have ranked higher on my list but as of late, this cookie has become inconsistent, particularily in it’s texture. A good chocolate chip cookie must be chewy or it’s not acceptable. Certainly not worth absorbing those empty calories over. However, I have experienced quite a few good cookies at Subway, and there are still times when the cookie stands out. Consistency, however, does remain key.

4. Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookie
I splurged in Santa Monica last year and purchased a bag of bite size chocolate chip cookies (and other varieties) that Tay and I munched on as we walked around the pier. Quite possibly Mrs. Field’s makes the list because of the memories associated with this particular cookie experience, but her reputation is sound and she makes a damn good packaged cookie.

3. Fresh, home-made chocolate chip cookies, requested by many and made by yours truly.
The recipe is a knockoff of Mrs. Field’s but I only cook them for so long to make sure they remain soft and chewy and I make sure to have one (or four) when they are fresh from the oven and the chocolate chips are all melted and gooey. Higher on the list than the actual Mrs. Field’s because I can a) make them for a lot less money and b) I’m guaranteed to get them when they’re hot.

2. Tim Horton’s Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie
Chocolate through and through, not really your standard chocolate chip cookie but it’s chocolaty goodness makes it stand out above the rest of the cookies that TH offers (their regular chocolate chip cookie is only average at best). The chocolate fudge cookie is quite the indulgence however and the price is right, you can’t beat $2 for 6 of these scrumptious cookies. And no cleanup is required.

1. Starbuck’s Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
This cookie must measure at least 6 inches in diameter and every bite is infused with chunks of chocolaty goodness. The edges are firm, the center, soft and chewy, and while the cookie itself is a little on the pricy side ($1.50 for one) it is easily the equivalent of 3 regular cookies so well worth the price. Unfortunately, unlike 3 seperate cookies of which you MIGHT be able to exercise some control over, the Starbucks cookie forces you to relinquish all control and eat in one sitting. And it’s not selfish if you don’t share.

Of course, like my Friend’s Five list, this list is ever changing and new submissions are always welcome. Think that you are capable of producing a cookie that could make it to the top five?Feel free to mail me your submission, and I will do my best to judge it fairly and without prejudice. Freshness definitely plays a factor, so you might want to consider FedEx if you really want to see your cookie in the top five.

Excerpt from a cookie conversation with a colleague the other day:
Her: Is that a Starbucks cookie you are eating?
Me: *swallows* Yup.
Her: I love those cookies, they are SO GOOD.
Me: *Breaking off piece* I KNOW! I love them so much!
Her: *Eyeing the cookie* You look like you’re enjoying it.
Me: *chews and swallows* Oh, I am!
Her: Okay…well…*stares further at cookie* I guess I’ll leave you to it.
Me: Ok, great! Thanks! *Chews*

The Starbucks cookie doesn’t get shared. And if, when you finish yours, you have a friend who has just started hers, and she offers you some, it’s okay to take some.

It’s that good.

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