As Close to A Pajama Friday Without it Actually Being Pajamas
I did end up booking today off work and boy, did my weary self appreciate that insight of sanity when I woke up at 7:30 and realized, “Hey, self! You don’t have to get up!” After Tay got up I snuggled deeper under the blankets and fell back in a swell slumber only to wake up again around 9. Rather than staying where I was I got up – I had decided the night before to spend today cleaning the house so that I can spend the rest of my 3-day weekend revelling in my hard-earned cleanliness. My intent had been to stay in my pajamas but since pajamas make me want to lounge (and sleep) rather than clean I figured the smart thing to do would be to get pseudo-dressed so I pulled on my Roots sweats and tank and got down to it.

Between 10am-1pm (I knitted for half an hour or so, until I properly woke up 😉 I cleaned the kitchen (did all the dishes, cleaned the microwave, cleaned out both fridges, organized the katrillion cans of pop we’ve been collecting with our biweekly poker game, tidied the cupboards, wiped down the counters, swept the floor), then the living room/dining room (dusting, general tidying), the downstairs bathroom, and the foyer (boots, jackets, gloves scarves had totally taken over the bench we have next to the door). I took about an hour break for lunch, during which I ate, read, and knit (not all at once) and then I moved upstairs where I totally gutted out my closet and wardrobe, filling two garbage bags for whatever charity it is that keeps calling to schedule a pickup. (Gave away about 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of flipflops, which reduces my shoe collection greatly but I did the one year test and the items didn’t pass it.) At 4:30, feeling quite satisified and somewhat weary I crawled onto my freshly made bed and had a snooze until about 6, at which point I got up and gutted out the closet in my office.

On my list of things to do today all that remains is to organize my desk (mess!) and clean my bathroom (mess!) but as it’s now after midnight (I stopped cleaning around 7ish to make dinner and watch a movie with Tay, I might carry those last two tasks over till tomorrow.

And now that I have sufficiently exhausted myself, I might drag my once again weary self to bed.

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