“Hip Huggers” Aren’t Always Jeans

On my way out of the gym I popped into Walmart to buy myself a new laundry basket. Indeed an indulgence since I already have one, but our current basket has been monopolized by Tay’s clean laundry for the last oh, forever. It never seems to get emptied either, he just takes from the top and wears whatever is there. Anyhow, I’m in Walmart and in the laundry basket/hamper aisle which is also the rubbermaid storage container aisle and it really wouldn’t be Walmart if half the aisle wasn’t cluttered with excess stock. In this case, rubbermaid containers. There is a woman and her husband at one end of the aisle (she has a cart stacked with storage containers) and I am at the other. We decide around the same time that we want to switch ends of the aisle but because of the clutter, only one person can pass down the aisle. Her husband comes first and then, I step back to allow her to come through. And she starts to, but then doesn’t follow through. Instead, she choses to stop in the middle of the aisle and starts looking at other rubbermaid containers. She seems oblivious to the fact that I am waiting to get through so I say, ” Excuse me? I’m waiting to get through.” I wasn’t rude, didn’t do the come-on-move circular hand gesture that my hand was itching to do, and she comes through, giving me space to pass. But as I get to the other end of the aisle I hear her say to her husband, “Imagine! Telling ME to move, when I’m trying to get my stuff!!”

I looked back at her and though I wanted to say something I bit my tongue because I could totally tell her husband was the type who would butt in if I tried to have words with his bleached-blond wife. And the last thing I needed was some burly 200lb+ man shouting at me about who did I think I was, talking to his wife like that, and he wasn’t going to put up with it. If I hadn’t just worked out on both the treadmill and the rowing machine, we might have had words and a tussle could have resulted but I let it go. I’m sure they’re glad I did.

Anyhow, my new laundry basket is blue and it’s a hip hugger, meaning I can carry it one handed against my hip. And it was on sale, it only cost me $5 and some change.

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