Winter Salvation
This year’s winter is wreaking havoc on my delicate-fragileness – my skin is dry, flaking and about 25% of my skin’s surface is covered in an angry, welting flare of eczema. I have it on my arms, neck and hands (which is normal) but parts of it is spreading now to my stomach, legs, back, and face. I carry tubes and jars of cortisone cream with me in futile attempts to keep in under control. A couple of weeks ago, my eczema on my hands was so bad that that skin cracked into an open wound that appeared to be at least a couple of mm deep. And it hurt. A lot. And if that’s not fun enough, my skin is ITCHY. Itchy to the point where I will scratch so hard that it breaks the skin and I bleed. That SUCKS.

My hair too, is starting to suffer and that, I have to say, is just not acceptable. I start out the day okay – it’s shiny and lusterful – but by the time I get home it’s both non-smooth and fly-away and just an unattractive mess. I don’t have litres of $50 shampoo and conditioner (that’s $50 EACH) sitting on my bathroom shelf for “non-smooth” and “fly-away”. (For the record, I don’t blame the hair product, it’s the weather). Gah.

But, there is salvation to the winter months and I have discovered some level of contentment in the following products. With these by my side, I might (might) make it through March.

Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm

The rest of me might be flaking and falling apart, but at least I can keep my lips smooth and tingly. (The tingly is a result of peppermint oil. There’s also coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary extract and yes, beeswax.)

Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Hazelnut Tea

Vanilla Hazelnut Tea?? Why didn’t anyone tell me that this existed before?? How have I managed to live life without drinking hot mugs of this stuff? I expect that it’s similiar to what coffee drinkers experience, but it’s caffeine free and made with 100% natural spices (Roasted carob, roasted chicory, milk thistle, roasted barley, natural vanilla and hazelnut flavors with other natural flavors, cinnamon, licorice, anise seed, and vanilla bean). Unfortunately, I have run out of the few bags that Heather gave me, I must find more. Must.

Campbell’s Gardennay in Butternut Squash

1/2 a litre of this golden stuff has just over 30gr of bad carbs and only 4 gr of fat, so it’s fairly healthy and almost within my 30gr-of-carbs-or-less meal restriction (Yes, I eat 1/2 a litre in one sitting, but that’s all I eat). And it comes in a carton, which makes it easy to bring it to work. AND it’s good stuff. Really good. Butternut squash. Who would’ve thunk it?

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