Stories from the Bus
A Christian, A Mormon and Am I Going to Need a Transfer?

A Christian and A Mormon Meet on the 89 East
So yesterday morning I’m sitting on the bus, knitting away when a conversation between a man and woman start up behind me. I continue knitting but can’t help but listen and very quickly learn how the man (Stephen) discovered Jesus nine years ago and gave away all his cigarettes. The woman (Domenique) tells Stephen that he seems like a very happy person. Stephen agrees that he is. Then it’s Domenique’s turn and she tells him all about the work she does with youth groups and such. We get to Steven’s stop and he says he sadly must go. Domenique asks Steven if she might give him a gift before he goes; it’s the Book of Mormon. Stephen, being the good Christian that he is, refuses to accept such a gift, BUT sensing that there is work to be done, he asks Domenique if she rides this particular bus often because he would certainly like to meet up with her again. Domenique, (sensing that there is work to be done) eagerly says that she is on that particular bus every morning and definitely would like to meet up again.

And I couldn’t help but wonder; if Stephen and Domenique were to fall in love who would convert who?

Am I Going To Need a Transfer?
So last night, after staying late to work out in the weight room and after taking the subway, I get on the 89 headed home. I go to the back of the bus where there are empty seats, pull out my knitting and start purling away. Pretty soon we’re on the 427 headed north, travelling at a pretty respectable speed (I love it when bus drivers kick it) when I can smell smoke. I look up from my knitting and see smoke coming in from the vent at the back of the bus, right next to where I am sitting. Around that time most of the other passengers sitting in back with me also notice the smoke and get up to move towards the front of the bus. Around this time, the bus driver is noticing a couple of things – first that half her passengers are booting it up the aisle while she’s maintaining a speed of 90km or so, and second, the reason they are booting it is because they’re being chased by smoke. I follow suit, helping another passenger to open windows as we go. The bus driver signals and pulls over onto the shoulder of the highway. Once we come to a stop, she orders people off the bus. I follow suit, asking as I get to the front, “Am I going to need a transfer?”

We all get off the bus and I look behind me at the smoke that is coming from the back of the bus. The bus driver, who has remained on the bus and is calling for assistance, notices that half the passengers are walking up the shoulder of the highway. She scrambles off the bus and starts yelling at people to come back to the bus as it’s not safe. With much reluctance, the wandering passengers come back. The smoke, still billowing from the back of the bus, is getting worse and passengers have scarves pulled up over their mouths and noses. The bus driver, who has gotten back on the bus, realizes that the smoke is getting worse so she gets back OFF the bus and starts shouting at people to move away from the bus. So the original wanderers (plus a few scragglers, myself included) head back up the highway, trying as best as possible to stay off the highway itself and avoid the muck that is the shoulder. About 100 feet up the bus driver yells that we’ve gone far enough. I look over my shoulder and discover that the bus has all but disappeared in a cloud of smoke – all that is visible is the flashing of the marque saying where we were supposed to be headed. Then through the smoke I see flashing lights and a police car passes the bus (and us) and pulls over another 100 feet or so up the highway. Two officers get out and tell us to move further up the highway so that we are near the cruiser. We obey. As we’re walking, emergency vehicles pull up at the bus; I look behind and see an ambulance in front of the bus, it’s emergency lights cutting through the smoke. As I watch, I see a firefighter emerge from the smoke that continues to billow and all I can think is that I wish I had my camera.

But I haven’t my camera and as I ponder this, it starts to rain. Big, fat, lazy drops that fall from the sky. I look up, then look at the bus and then can’t help but grin a little because this, ultimately, has to be the MOST exciting bus ride ever.

Moments later, another 89 pulls up and we get on the bus, me looking over my shoulder one last time at our abandoned bus. There’s concern and questions from the passengers already on the bus, and one girl tells me that the bus had tons of black smoke just pouring from the back of it. I tell her and the other passengers that are openly listening what happened, and then, because I can’t help it, I say, “I’m really sorry if I really smell like smoke.”

Anyhow, I’m not sure what was wrong with the bus. I have to assume that it didn’t explode or anything like that because I think I would have heard it on the news. But it was a lot of smoke, and I did really stink (I had to take a shower as soon as I got home) and it really was the most exciting bus ride ever.

(Even more so than the Christian Vs. Mormon ride earlier that day.)


Tina () @ 02/09/2005 07:45:
Gee, I want to start taking public transportation for the adventures!

Renu () @ 02/09/2005 08:37:
Your life is full of adventures….

Jody () @ 02/09/2005 08:46:
Were there many people on the bus? I’m trying to envision how many of you were standing on the road’s shoulder…In regards to the M/C question – my bets are on the christian converting, I don’t think he’d stand a chance agianst the mormon. I just believe that more Morman’s hold true to their religion than Christians (I mean devoutly).

Tawny ( @ 02/09/2005 10:29:
The Christian should switch since polygamy is rampant with Mormans, he can always get married again… and again… and.. again. 🙂

Tawny ( @ 02/09/2005 11:22:
Hee..that must have been Tay that posted as me – I used his computer the other day :).As for how many of us there were on the side of the highway, I think there was probably 20-25 of us??
Dawn () @ 02/09/2005 18:25:

Tina () @ 02/11/2005 00:04:
You’ve got me hooked on She is quite a woman. I read the article ABC World News did on her. Wow. Makes me re-think some of the things I want to put on my blog!

Jody () @ 02/11/2005 06:08:
Tina… where’d you find the article? I’m either not looking in the right places or I’m blind… and what’s your blog? I wouldn’t mind having a snoop every now and again!Feedback-to-Feedback

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