And The Winner Is…

Tonight I was invited to attend the United Way’s 2004 Achievement Gala – I was the Campaign Chair of the United Way Employee Campaign for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel in 2004. In fact, one of the last things I did before leaving BBBS was put together the nomination submission for our campaign. Irene called me the other week to let me know that we had been nominated for the Outstanding Agency Campaign Award and that the managment team decided that I deserved to be there despite no longer being an employee.

So I went to the dinner and it was very exciting and very Oscar like – my old ED kept saying things like “It’s an honor just being nominated,” and when the announcement for our award category came, the mc bellowed, “And the award for Outstanding Agency Campaign goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel!!” Our table started shouting and applauding and the ED jumped up and went running to the front, turning halfway there to give us a thumbs up. When she came back she placed the award on the table in front of me, kissed my cheek and said congratulations. And then it was REALLY like Oscaring in that people were congratulating us and our ED was shoving her cell phone in my face yelling that a former coworker of mine was on the phone and wanted to speak with me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to bring the award home as it really belongs at the BBBS office and since it’s an award the ED has been coveting for years, I am sure it will be prominently displayed.

But regardless of not having the physical award, it was really nice to be recognized for something that I worked very hard on.

(And when I got home I told Tay the news and he congratulated me and then I asked him how it felt being married to an award winner! :).

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