Things My Sister Taught Me

You should always respect other people’s property. This means not tearing the stickers off their barbie van and removing all the furniture.

Sometimes, being older is better. This means, when you want the top bunk you get it.

You should treat others the way you would like to be treated. This means, if you say that your sister has cooties, you’re likely to get into trouble with your father and it’s not pleasant.

You should always have someone who stands up for you in sticky situations. This means, you shouldn’t say bad things about the toughest girl in school unless you have an even tougher sister to back you up.

It’s okay to cry during the emotional moments in life. This includes sad books, movies, hallmark commercials, television shows, heck, ANY commercial.

You should share what you have with those less fortunate. This means, if you’ve just made a yummy sandwhich and your sister comes in just as you are about to eat it, you should give it to her.

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Today is Jojo’s birthday – Happy Birthday to my very beautiful sister :).

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