Bye-bye 2004…

I will look back on 2004 as a good year.

I changed jobs and took a step in the right direction to advancing my career, and I married my best friend, someone who has loved me unconditionally for what works out to be a third of my life.

I saw Las Vegas and Los Angles, flew by helicopter into the Grand Canyon and walked in the Pacific Ocean.

I was there for my sister’s own wedding as she married the man who loves her unconditionally and I held Baby Simona when she was less than 24 hours old…and saw our best friends dreams come true in that tiny, sleeping bundle.

I’ve cherished old friendships and cultivated new friendships and spent time being surrounded by good, kind people.

Yes, 2004 was a very good year.

…Hello 2005! 🙂

In light of all that is happening in the world around us, it sheds new light on what we have and what is important. The value of life is immeasurable and my promise to myself this year is to live the life that I have been given to the fullest.

I always make resolutions and this year is no different; my goals for the upcoming year are:

1) Eat well and exercise often.

In the months leading up to our wedding, I lost over 15lbs and since the wedding, the lbs have slowly been creeping back. The past few months I have neglected my eating and exercise habits and have disrespected that body that has been given me. I am in the process of trying to get back into a healthy groove, which includes getting back to the gym and back on track with a healthy eating schedule.

2) Reduce my debt.

2004 was a good year, but it was also an expensive year. I am sitting on a small mountain of debt that is almost equivalent to the amount of debt that I faced when I graduated university. It took me a long time to erase that debt, but this year I hope to cut my current debt in half (if not more). It means less shopping, less frivolous lunches out with coworkers, less expenditures that I just don’t need. It’s going to be a long, frugal year but it’ll be worth it to change the color of the financial cloud over my head from something less like gray to something more like a mauvy pink :).

3) Write.

Ah… Speeches, sponsorship letters and thank you cards were the extent of my writing in 2004 (excluding blog entries). I really miss writing – I miss the feeling of being totally submersed, the feeling of bringing color and life to the characters and plots that live constantly in my head, the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a story and the feeling of “Hey, this is good.” (Whether or not it’s good to anyone other than myself is irrelevant :).

4) Learn something new every month.

Yesterday, I taught myself how to knit. I’m not very good (the rows of rosy pink yarn weren’t overly neat and not very consistent) but now that I understand the basics, I’m about to begin on my first project in the book I bought. (For the record…I’ve always wanted to knit – I talked to Tay’s aunt about my interest about 7 years ago when we were in Denver but never got around to it. Then I heard that you can learn from a book. And then, I noticed that all around me people were knitting. So yes, I’m a bandwagoner.)

Oh, and on Saturday I taught myself how to make crepes. (Jackie was there to coach me through the first somewhat disastorous crepe that wasn’t quite a circle – she’d never made crepes either, but somehow, we figured it out and before long we were indulging in Nutella-banana crepes, as inspired by the Paris, Las Vegas!)

Other possible projects lined up for 2005 include tarot reading (bought the cards in the French Quarter when we were in New Orleans but never got around to learning), and wine appreciation. I got a miniature Chinese calligraphy kit in my Christmas stocking so that’s also on the list. And I also found out that as an employee, I get a 25% discount on music lessons here at work (plus free studio time) so I am considering learning to play an instrument. I initially thought violin, Tay is encouraging drums or something that I can ‘jam’ with. Or maybe I’ll just take a lesson in each instrument and see what I like best! 🙂

5) Give to my community.

I’ve already organized a bowling team to bowl in the fundraiser that BBBS does annually, and I am giving serious thought to volunteering with BBBS as a group leader. And I continue to support the United Way, which while not enough, is a start.

(Ps. If you want to pledge me to bowl, just let me know!! 🙂

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