Surviving Christmas

It’s amazing to me the number of people that feel Christmas is something that needs to be survived. They breathe a sigh of relief and say things like, “Thank God that’s over.”

I’m always sad to see Christmas go. On Christmas Eve, a small part of me is always a little depressed because I know that in 24 hours, the world will go back to normal for another year. Taylor said to Caius the other day that I will soon be counting the days until it’s Christmas time again. For the record, there’s 360.

Dirt is the Enemy

Taylor and I received a very generous cash gift from his dad and grandfather for Christmas – we decided to use some of the money to purchase a new family pet – meet Roomba, “the signature Robotic Floor vac that’s changing the way the world cleans”.

No more will I have to lug the vacuum from floor to floor and move (or feel guilty for not moving) furniture to vacuum underneath. No more will vacuuming be a weekly chore.

Vacuum less, enjoy life more.

And Roomba is very much like a pet – she’s fun to watch, she makes interesting noises and she roams from room to room. But better than a pet is that instead of leaving a mess to clean up, Roomba cleans up the messes for us. We’ve named our Roomba Elmo and we LOVE her.

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