Christmas Crooning

Just what I need to put a swing in my Christmas… carols to snap along to :).

Listen here.

Early Morning Chit-Chat

My mother called this morning to ask me what the weather was like. She had seen on the news that Ontario was being hit by a pretty hard storm, so I guess she thought she would call and confirm that the weatherman was telling the truth. My phone rang at 7:30am, the conversation went something like this:

Mom: What’s the weather like up there?

Me: Ummm… it’s snowing?

Mom: I guess you don’t know where you are. Seems like you switched places with Newfoundland, it was 12 degrees there the other day, when it was minus 30 up there.

Me: Hrmmppph.

Mom: Are you going into work today?

Me: Hrmppph. Have to. Got payroll to do.

Mom: Were you sleeping?

Me: Noooo…I was getting ready to go to work.

Mom: Well, I’ll let you go – I’m going to go back to watching you guys on the news.

Me: Umm. Ok.

See, she knew exactly what the weather was like because she was watching it on the news. But by calling me, I guess it meant that she’d have a factual confirmation. I guess so when she’s talking to people about the snow in Ontario, she can say, “I was talking to my daughter who’s from up there, and she says they have snow.”

She makes me laugh :).

(She called again tonight to find out how long it took me to get to work and then to get home because she heard on the news that the TTC was having some transit problems. She wanted to know how many buses I had to take and if it was longer than normal. I provided her with the information she needed.)

But yes, it’s true – we did get 15-20 cm of snow, the snow did turn to freezing rain, the streets turned to slush and now the temperatures are dropping overnight to -10 (-20 with the windchill).

But most importantly, it’s a startling, brilliant white out there and the trees are covered in ice. It’s a beautiful sight, I’m happy tonight… 🙂

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