Countdown to Christmas

There’s only two more nights until Christmas Eve. My shopping is all done, my wrapping is almost finished and there is a gentle, constant snowfall happening outside my window. The Tenches and the Georges are visiting this evening and we’re going to watch A Christmas Story – in preparation of our visitors, last night I made cream cheese tortilla wrap appetizers and the skor-like cookies which have now been nicknamed ‘Caius Christmas Cookies’. Tomorrow night Tay and I will be watching It’s A Wonderful Life and since I am off Friday, I plan on getting up nice and early and getting my last minute groceries for the holiday weekend. Baking last night wakened my urge to ‘festive bake’ so on Friday I will probably be making sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies to leave out for Santa. Tay and I are planning on having a fondue (with cheese toast!) for Christmas Eve dinner and then we’ll settle in on the couch for Miracle on 34th Street.

Tay and I decided to be somewhat practical this year and reduce our Christmas budget – this year’s budget is almost a third of last year’s – and as a result, the whole experience of preparing for Christmas has been that much less stressful. For the first time, Tay is all done his shopping and almost done his wrapping, which means come Christmas Eve, he won’t be up late amidst wrapping paper and ribbon. And because we’ve reduced some of the materialism of Christmas of years past, I am able to look forward to the important things about Christmas that sometimes get shadowed – the time spent with friends and loved ones, the traditions that Tay and I have cultivated over the years… the pleasure that a simple, beautiful snowfall can bring 3 days before Christmas.

My heart is glad this year, I feel a sense of peace within me and this is perhaps the best gift of all.

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