1) I do have my own office, it has a door and a big window and a heater who’s heat I control. It’s a fair size, about 10’x12′. The top left drawer of my desk (which is heavy and appears to be circa 1960) doesn’t open, and the bottom two left drawers will only open if the center drawer is open slightly. And the walls are robin-egg blue. But, it’s all mine :).

2) The administration department that I’m in charge of consists of 4 people. One of them starting working there in 1977. In 1977, I was two years old :).

3) S told me once that as a manager, she receives 4 weeks vacation but wasn’t eligible for accumulating lieu time. She hinted that I should expect the same at my new job. I do get 4 weeks vacation. I also get lieu time :).

4) The commute is 1 hr, 15 minutes each way. I have taken two different forms of transit and they both work out to about the same. The commute is almost what killed me yesterday, but today I brought my book and the trip to and from flew by. I did the math and figured out that in 6mths (when my probation is up) that the 2+ extra hours asleep that I am missing as a result of commuting (an extra hour in the morning and the hour I used to get after work) works out to about an extra $50 a day. As much as I love sleep, I’ll trade an hour of it for $25 per :).

5)I haven’t explored the work neighborhood but so far, I’ve noticed a Subway, an Aveda shop, and an Indian Restaurant. I need to start scouting out places that I can visit on my lunch hour, especially since Irene and Joanne have already promised to visit me some Friday for lunch.

My first day was almost 14 hours (including the commute) and today not so long but so far, it’s a tiring week. I was fairly nervous Sunday night and didn’t sleep that well (I was in bed by 11 with my lunch made and my clothes laid out but tossed and turned well past midnight) and did sleep like a rock last night. I’m feeling some fatigue creeping up on me as I write this – I have a couple of Christmas gifts that I might wrap (it’s for my pkg to Halifax and I want to have it ready for the next time my father (and mother) come through the neighborhood) but I see sleep in my very near future :).

I expect in the next day or so that the blog will return to it’s typical nonsensical ramblings (ie. non-work related), but bear with me in the meantime :).

(Do not adjust the channel).

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