For the next 64 hours or so I am unemployed – until I sign my offer of employment Monday morning, that is :). I was out of work by 1ish today, after showing a number of people a number of things. Then went for lunch with Stephanie and Daniel which was really good – it was while we were have a somewhat bizarre conversation about our love of pickles that I began to understand what it was that I was going to miss about work – not the job or the work itself but the people that I worked with and the funny conversations we would have throughout the course of the work day. I was a little sad when I left but not overly – certainly didn’t shed the tears that some people expected I would but I didn’t really feel like it was goodbye – but more like see ya later. I became really good friends with some of the people I worked with and they’re friendships that I’m not going to walk away from. Stephanie told me today that being friends is going to be better than working together because as friends she can tell me things she otherwise would never be able to tell me. And when I brought up today that I really had no business clothes to start my new job she told me to come to her place this weekend – because apparently she has lots of clothes that no longer fit her and she’s more than happy to hand them off to me :). These are the good people I worked with, and the good people I will continue to be friends with.

So this weekend, I’m going to enjoy my unemployment – my former job won’t be weighing on my mind because I comfortable in how well I wrapped things up, and, since I really don’t know what to expect come next week, I’m going to bask in the ignorance of it. Bliss that it is :).

Happy weekend!

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