Butter Me Up!

Friday night I was in the kitchen making dinner – the plan had been to make this chicken and rice mixture that I throw together with cream of chicken soup and mushrooms. I had the mushrooms chopped and the chicken cut up when I discovered that I had no soup (it’s been a while since I’ve done a thorough grocery list/trip – Tay has been without tea for a month it seems). As I pondered what to do with the actual ingredients I had on hand, Tay suggested (with a straight face) that we could have butter chicken. Now, earlier this year, I had discovered that you can buy the sauce for butter chicken in a jar at either Loblaws or No Frills. It’s not at spicy as it could be, but I’ve bought enough of it and experimented enough times to discover that you only need to add a little (or more) cayenne pepper to spice it up. (And if you’re looking to stretch the jar of sauce even further (it serves two but is not quite enough it sometimes seems), you can stir in a bit of cream). Anyhow, I throw some basmati rice in my cooker, stirfry up some chicken, add the sauce and pepper, heat up some pre-made nan in the oven (with a bit of garlic butter) and there – dinner ready in about 30 minutes.

It’s fast, it’s convenient but it’s also terribly good. It’s the only meal that I make that causes my mouth to water as it’s cooking, and, if I know that I am making it that day, I really look forward to it. Tay really likes it as well, and as a result, we have it fairly often. Lately, we’ve been averaging once a week. When Tay suggested it Friday night, we had already had it the previous Saturday night but, without argument, I set about making it again (I usually have 3 jars of the sauce on hand, but I’ve depleted my supply — must get more.)

As we sat down to eat, I happily declared that the meal was going to be that much better because I wasn’t expecting to have it that night.

And I was right!! (Yes, we’re obsessed, butter chicken is my new guacamole/cup of soup/ bologna and mustard — all things that I have been obsessed with eating at some point in my life).

Not Shatter Proof

Around lunchtime Saturday I decided that I should clean out the fridge – it was on my things to do list (so was washing the car, but I wanted to give the temperature a chance to get up to it’s promised 12 degrees) so I set about pulling things from the fridge and wiping down the shelves and the bottom of the fridge, after removing the glass shelf that rests across the lower half of the fridge (across the top of the vegetable drawers). I removed the vegetable drawers, washed them in soapy water, put them on the counter to dry. Picked up the glass shelf and told myself to be careful with it – the last thing I needed was for it to break. I began washing the glass, after checking to make sure my water was warm but not hot (later I questioned how hot the water may have been, but I’m pretty sure it was more warm than hot, plus the shelf had been out of the fridge for 20 minutes or so). Just as I’ve removed the glass from the water there’s this huge cracking noise and the next thing I know, the glass shelf is no longer in my hands but has literally exploded into a million pieces around me. There is glass in the sink, on the counter, on the floor all around my feet. I look at my hands, which are of course empty (and uncut), I look at my feet (fortunately in flip flops and uncut), I look at the glass all around me and don’t even say anything (then and there would have been an opportune moment for a swear or an exhuberant expression of dismay) from the shock of it.

Somebody told me those glass shelves are supposed to be shatter proof. Update — they’re not.

(It took me a loooooong time to get that glass cleaned up – I must have swept twice, vacuumed three times, then vacuumed my broom. I only cut myself twice – both little tiny cuts causes my small slivers of glass that hurt like hell and bled more than was neccessary.)

Social Butterfly

I had dinner last night with my father and breakfast again this morning (he came through Mississauga yesterday and stayed the night) and then tonight I met up with Kim and the baby for dinner at Moxie’s. (Sawl is really cute and really happy but he’s a puker – but as soon as he pukes he grins so while it really should be gross, it’s not and after dinner he cozied up with me for a nap. I held him while Kim and I chatted and then he snuggled into my shoulder while I carried him through the mall for Kim – he’s a big baby though, only 4 months and already over 15lbs! By the time we got to the car my arms were aching!). Tomorrow, my department is going out for a one-last lunch,Wednesday is my farewell potluck and then Thursday C is taking me and my UW committee out for a congratulatory lunch because we surpassed our campaign goal back in September. And S says if I make it in on Friday we should go for lunch then too! It’s going to be a busy week but I’m looking forward to it – one of the managers at work commented today that she’s not sure what to make of staff who leave and are constantly smiling their last week :).

Monday Madness

Name 3 (or more, or less!) things…

1. …you cannot live without. Books, music, my computer.

2. …you CAN live without, but cannot seem to part with. Televison, Shaper Plus, Diet Pepsi.

3. …you wish to accomplish this COMING week. My laundry, my UW nomination submission, my ‘How-To’ binder for work.

4. …you have accomplished this PAST week. Prepared and sent my Xmas package to England, cleaned and vacuumed my car, cleaned my fridge.

5. …on your holiday (or non-holiday) ‘wish list.’ Books, skincare, and the new ceramic tile for our kitchen (compliments of our landlord).

6. …you would like to change about yourself. My exercise habits, my knowledge of politics, My occasional gluttony.

7. …you like about yourself. My imagination, my heart, my loyalty.

8. …you should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing. Washing my face. Brushing my teeth. Kissing my husband. Sleeping.

9. …in your life that could use a little more organization. My bedroom, my closet, my desk at work.

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