Gemini Cricket!

The other day at work we were talking about psychics and I started thinking about the psychic I saw when I was in New Orleans. I remember Tay and I walking around Jackson Square as I sized up the potentials sitting in their folding chairs with their colorful signs propped in front of them until I found myself drawn to a woman who sat quietly and didn’t harass the passerbys. I remember slowing down in front of her and the encouraging way she smiled at me. She greeted me but didn’t seem forceful and I found myself glancing at her sign and unable not to smile back; her name was Gemini Cricket.

I remember being pretty impressed with her and my reading – in the end I gave her more money than I planned because I felt as though I got my money’s worth. Of course, then, I didn’t know if there would (or could) be any truth in what she said, but she had revealed to me some things about myself that she shouldn’t have known.

As part of my reading, I was permitted to ask her three questions that she would answer. I chose to ask about relationship with Tay, if there were any children in my future and if the career I had chosen was the right one.

This is what she told me about my career.

She revealed that I was feeling very discouraged and frustrated with my position at the time and that she could sense that I was struggling. She told me that I had difficulties working with certain people but that I was on the right track and I should stick with it because she saw things changing for me and me moving into a managerial position. I needed to be patient though, and eventually, these things would come to me.

What’s interesting is that I did stick with it and the last two years have been challenging indeed – including working with difficult people. There have been times when I wanted to pursue other avenues but I held out – because each time, I figured it wasn’t that bad and would get better.

It would appear as though my patience has paid off because things are now changing for me – I start a new job in just over a week and it’s a managerial position.

I suppose Gemini Cricket could have been making a stab in the dark and just randomizing my future but I think Ms. Cricket speaks true. She also told me that Tay and I were meant to be together – and just over a year after my reading, Tay and I were married.

We’ll wait and see if what she had to say about children eventually comes true :).

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