She’s Going To Be A Model When She Grows Up

Late yesterday afternoon Tay and I made the drive downtown to see C&E and meet Simona – only C’s mom had made it by then so it was relatively quiet in E’s room when we arrived. We peeked into the crib and our breaths caught – Simona is exquisitely perfect, I have never seen a baby girl as beautiful as she is. Later, as C’s uncle gazed down on the sleeping baby, he declared that she would grow up to be a model. I don’t doubt it :).

(E is doing well, she’s a little sore and has a little trouble moving around, but you wouldn’t think from looking at her that she went through such a long labor only the day before. She’s a trooper for sure! 🙂

Speaking of Babies…

In the past 36 hours or so I have been either asked or prodded 5 times as to when I will be having a baby. Despite all the advances that women have made in the past few decades, every time I am asked that question I have to wonder if, despite it all, women are still seen for their ability to reproduce – nevermind their desire to do so. And the idea that it’s women that are asking me this question is almost as bad as if I was asked the question by a man – because I would think that women, for the most part, should be more sensitive to the sociological pressures and understand the implications behind such a question. Furthermore, two of the five women that asked me the question understand that I will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks – it’s a huge opportunity for me, a promotion and a step up and, for the first time in my life, a real chance at a career. As a result of this, I am not interested in having a baby right now and you would think that this would be clear for obvious reasons.

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