Baby Tenche is on the Way

Yesterday when E went for her doctor’s appointment, the doctor discovered that the baby was in position and was able to feel the head. E had also began to dilate, so the doctor told C&E to be prepared, that Baby Tenche was gearing up.

We got a call this morning at 7am – last night, at 3am, E’s water broke. They were at the hospital, but hadn’t been admitted as of then – E’s contractions were still about 5 minutes apart so they were walking around, waiting to see if things would progress.

When we hadn’t heard anything by 4pm I called the hospital to inquire if E had been admitted – they said she had and that she was up on the 7th floor, either under observation or undergoing labor. At around 4:30, C called to say that E was at about 4cm and was in a lot of pain. He called back at around 7 to let us know that she was still holding at 4, had received an epidural to help with the pain, and was sleeping.

It appears that Baby Tenche’s arrival is imminent – I hope he/she makes his/her appearance sooner than later because the thought of E in such pain is killing me.

My thoughts are with them both, I hope that E continues to be strong and brave and when Baby Tenche finally decides to come, I hope that he/she comes quickly.

Downtown Girl

In other news – at the end of July, when I was feeling particularily frustrated and unsatisfied at work, I began applying for jobs posted through CharityVillage. At the end of August, I was called in for an interview at a rec centre in DT Toronto. A couple of weeks later, I got a call from the ED saying that they had been impressed with how I presented myself in my interview and wanted to check my references. At the beginning of October, I received an email saying that they had received a good response from my references and that the ED would be in touch when she returned from holidays on October 25th. On Wednesday evening she (finally!) called to say that she had just come out of a meeting that she had been waiting on and was happy to officially offer me the job.

Hoorah!! I’m very excited about the offer and the position that I would be filling – it’s the assistant to the ED but I will also be managing administration department and it’s staff- which includes being responsible for the department’s annual budget, doing payroll, and performing performance reviews. There’s a creative side to the position as well, which includes developing the newsletter and updating the website. The pay is considerably more than what I make now (after my 6mth probabation period it works out to about a 40% pay increase), the benefits are good (it includes a 3.5% RRSPs, contributed by the agency) and 4 weeks vacation. They’ve asked that I think it over and let them know by Friday afternoon (Monday at the latest).

This morning, I went into work and sat down with first S and then C and advised them that I had been offered a job that was an excellend opportunity for me and that I would most likely be submitting my notice tomorrow. S did a really good job of not reacting negatively, I could see her struggling with how to react but eventually she told me that a) she was very, very happy for me but that b) our department was now screwed. When I told C the news one of the first things she asked me was if they (they being work) could compete. We discussed the pay and the job description, my reasons for wanting to leave and my attraction to the position. C asked if she could see the job description and I handed it to her (I just happened to have it in my back pocket). She read it over and gave it back to me then asked me when I had to let the other place know my decision. When I told her, she asked me if I could give her until tomorrow to try and figure somethings out. I agreed, because I wasn’t planning on accepting the new position until tomorrow anyhow, and a part of me is curious to see what she will come back with (though a part of me understands that it won’t be much of anything).

A couple of hours later I asked S if we could sit down with the rest of our team so that I could fill them in on what was happening – I didn’t want them to get a standard issue email tomorrow announcing that I had given my notice, and while they were very surprised at my news, they seemed genuinely happy for me. J asked if she could come with me, there was some laughter and then S asked if she could come along too.

There has been much discussion through out the day, S keeps asking what they’re going to do, there’s been a lot of talk over the type of person they are going to need to fill my spot etc. A part of me is very flattered that my decision has had such an impact on the team of people that I work with, and a part of me is a little sad by the sudden attention. Too little too late and all that jazz.

We’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

Scare Week

Tay and I have been watching a string of scary movies this week in an attemt to gear up for Halloween. On Monday night we sat down and independently came up with a list of our 10 favorite scary/horror movies. We then cross referenced our lists (we had 7/10 in common) and then, after much discussion, we came up with a short list of about 5-6 movies to watch.Monday night was the first Nightmare on Elm Street, Tuesday night was The Shining, and tonight we watched Dawn of the Dead (the new one). Next comes Halloween and then Scream (I think) with us wrapping up our scare week on Sunday with Candyman and then Blair Witch Project. For anyone looking for a scary, heart pounding movie to celebrate the weekend, Saw opens tomorrow night – definitely worth seeing, just try and ignore some of the cheesy acting 🙂

Why Sarah Polley is the Coolest Scary Heroine Ever

Just when I thought Scream’s (Neve Campbell) Sidney was probably one of the most strongest no-nonsense scary movie heroine in recent scary movies, along comes Sarah Polley’s Ana in Dawn of the Dead. Here are my top five reasons for why Ana is one step ahead of Sidney.

1.) In the opening sequence, Ana’s husband has been zombified by the brat from down the street. He comes after her and before she flees, she thinks clearly enough to grab her car keys from the nightstand where she left them the night before.

2.) When Ving Rhames is fighting with the zombie in the water fountain at the mall, she picks up the shotgun and, getting a clear shot, blows Mr. Zombie away. POW.

3.) She quickly falls into her role as the nurse and caregiver of the group – not only does she stitch wounds and take charge, she establishes trust and a sense of dependency. The group she is with needs her. No one will be voting HER out of the shopping mall. (And she looks cool walking around with her handy-dandy firstaid pouch strapped to her waist.)

4.) Unlike Sidney, who, in Scream, is smitten with Billy, who in turn wants to kill her, Ana is drawn instead to the sexy but down to earth Michael (played by Jake Weber, who is HOT – see ‘Mind of the Married Man’, HBO) who exudes average-joeness. Michael doesn’t want to kill Ana and in fact, the opposite proves to be true.

5). When they are making their getaway and the zombies are closing in, Ana yet again thinks cleary and stops to search the pockets of her fallen teammate (who, upon zombification, Ana kills without hesitation) for his keys to the boat that they are running to. No keys, no boat and then they’d be zombie chow and this Ana knows. “What were you doing?” Michael wants to know as he pulls her out of reach of zombies. She gazes up at him and then dangles the bright yellow key fob. Saving the day, is all!

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