Things have been a little crazy at work since arriving back from Halifax – I used up two full days of lieu time to have an extra long weekend, and upon my return very quickly accumulated those two days back in less than a week. As a result, haven’t been updating but here I am! 🙂

My Beautiful Sister and my new (and handsome!) Brother-In-Law! 🙂

More photos here.


Arrived in Halifax on time Wednesday night – quickly realized that I was in the Maritimes by the way all the passengers were helping each other get their luggage from the overhead compartments. It seems everywhere else you grab your own bags and bang people’s shins with it as you push your way to the front of the plane 🙂 Tay had arranged for a rental car for the weekend so it was weird coming through the doors and not seeing a familiar face but we quickly retrieved our luggage and made our way out to the rental lot. Bitter cold air hit us as we stepped outside, I wondered briefly if we had travelled north rather than merely east. (It was +20 when we left Toronto, I quickly regretted my flip flops and capris. BRR!) On the way home from the airport we stopped at May Garden for my chinese food, Greco pizza for Tay. We ate dinner, chatted with everyone and then went to bed.


Woke up early Thursday morning – Tay went into Gord’s to work from there, I got up, sat around a bit, solved a small wedding issue for Jody, showered and then went with Tina for lunch at Ponderosa. We had the salad bar which was as good as I remembered. We vowed to make 5 trips to the salad bar but came out at only 2 each – but we ate slow and chatted lengthily – it was a good lunch for sure!

After lunch, Jody, Andy and Stacy picked me up – we did a bit of shopping then headed home as Jody and Andy had to head out to the airport to pick up Andy’s parents. Stacy and I wisely used the quietness of the house to take a nap – we chatted ourselves to sleep, waking up only moments before Wendy and Dave arrived.

Later that night a bunch of us accompanied Andy and Jody downtown for a joint hen/stag night – we had dinner at the Alehouse then dancing at Pogue’s. I drank plenty, sang out loud to anyone that would listen (mixing up the words from Hot Cross Buns and Three Blind Mice), and had Stacy put me to bed at 3am.

(And Tay yelled at me when I called the cell phone to make sure he got home all right. I THOUGHT I was just being a good wife.)

Haha Moment: Jody, Stacy and I were standing at an intersection without a crosswalk near the mall, pondering the safety of crossing. “This doesn’t look very safe,” I said doubtfully but on Jody’s prodding, we began to cross. Half way across the street and in front of a car, the driver laid on his horn, causing us to not only jump but to get very indignant. We turned to give the driver a dirty look, only to discover that Tay had been sitting there the whole time.



Woke up reluctantly Friday morning, not hung over but certainly not in good form. Vegged for most of the day – watched a movie, had a bath, finished off my toast for the wedding. Tay and Dawn showed up around 4ish to collect Stacy and me, we packed everything into the car, locked up and then realized we had left our karaoke games in the house. Stacy forced open a window and gracefully climbed in, Tay and I laughed as Dawn filmed the whole thing. The milkman showed up during our B&E segment but went about delivering the milk as if all was normal.

HaHa Moment: When Stacy was straightening my hair, my mother called to ask me to remember to bring my dad’s jar of cream that was on the kitchen table. I hung up and said to Stacy, “Don’t let me forget to bring Dad’s jar of cream.” Before leaving, I found Dad’s prescription and slipped it in my purse. When Stacy came out of the house with the karaoke games, she also triumphantly declared that she had remembered Dad’s jar of cream. And held up a mason jar filled with whipping cream.


After finally making it to Bridgewater, the four of us checked in and then found Jody, Andy and the rest of the family in the bar area where Jody had arranged for a barbeque dinner – about fifteen of us sat down to ribs, chicken and salad (and more drinks) and then hit the pool and hot tub after all the parents left to make the drive back home. I was a little hesitant about stripping down to a swimsuit in what felt like zero degree weather but quickly discovered that it was warmer IN the water than OUT of the water.


Woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful, crisp fall day. Headed downstairs for some breakfast than guys and gals spilt up to run some errands – Jody needed to get her hair curled, and we needed to get to the liquor store. We had hoped to keep Jody and Andy seperated for the rest of the day, but as it happens in a small town, we ran into the guys as we were leaving the mall.

(We also saw a 40ish, slightly pudgy Superman walking down the street – he had the tights, the boots, the cape, everything. Dawn leaned out the window to call a greeting, but Superman wasn’t overly friendly, he gave a halfhearted wave and continued on his way.)

We got back to the in just before 1 – I headed up to my room to start getting ready – made it to Jody’s room around 2:30 to help her get ready – though there was no shortage of people wanting to help out – while her closest friends hung out and drank champagne, numerous aunts and friends came and went, all eager to see the happy bride. Finally it was crunch time, we locked the door, got Jody into her dress and then down the back stairs we went. Stacy and I handed Jody over to Dad and then scooted out to the front lawn of the inn where chairs had been set up and everything looked beautiful.

(I’m sure Jody will detail a lot of this, so feel free to visit her blog for more details – but beautiful wedding, excellent dinner, and entertaining reception, followed by a much needed relax in the hot tubpool with the bride and groom :). Hoorah!)


Checked out early Sunday morning, made our way back to Beaver Bank where I picked up a donair for my lunch. Stacy and I ate and then napped again, I got up around 4 and had a bath – Tay picked me up around 5 so that we could go and have dinner with Gord and Daph – ended up over in Dartmouth at a yummy Italian restaurant called Vines. Headed back home just in time for some family to arrive for a visit – unfortunately dashing our plans to scoot our for some DQ :(. Went to bed early – Tay was flying out early the next morning.

Monday – Thanksgiving

Woke up around 9 and found the rain that the forecast had predicted had not yet arrived. Went with Stacy, Jody and Andy to the beach and took some photos under very heavy skies before the winds chased us off the beach. Hit up Brewdebakers for lunch then went over to Point Pleasant Park. Swallowed a lump in my throat as I witnessed the devastation of Juan. I could have easily cried but the skies had opened up and were doing it for me.

Picked up Scott & Allison, Dave & Wendy and then headed home for the Thanksgiving dinner that Mom had prepared. Ate too much, hung out with family and then after another bath (!), headed to bed – flew home on an 8am flight and went to work right after. Very tired that day!

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