Don’t Drink the Water

One of our staff announced this week that she is pregnant – people have been debating who would be the next on our staff to go and so some weren’t surprised to hear her news. In the past two years, she is the ninth person to be expecting; they are saying now that there must be something in the water. Heads are now swivelling in my direction as it would appear that they think I will be next; my bewildered reaction has been, “Huh? How did I get involved in this discussion?” To be safe, I think I’ll keep drinking my Diet Pepsi :).


I remember on an episode on Sex And The City where the tackled the issue of smug-marrieds – couples who, once they wedded became different people all together – they would look down on their single friends and in a tone dripping with condescending superiority would make statements that began with “You’ll understand when you’re married.” I don’t like smug-marrieds (and have tried my best not to be one) but even worse than smug-marrieds are smug-parents and they, of course, are new parents that look down on childless friends and speak with that same tone of condescending superiority. I work with a smug-parent and he is constantly referencing to the fact that I don’t quite understand a lot of things because I haven’t had kids yet. We were discussing In America once, and I was commenting on how much it affected me and he counteracted with the fact that I couldn’t possibly have been affected as much as he was because well… until I have kids, I just wouldn’t understand.

And while I think that he might be correct in his thinking some of the times, and that yes, somethings I probably won’t really understand until I have a child of my own, I don’t know that he (and other smug-parents) need to point it out. Being a smug-parent is definitely on my list of things NOT to do when I (eventually) have kids.

Thursday Threesome

Onesome- Against: Is there anything you are vehemently opposed to? Or just something that gets you up on your soapbox? Closed-minds and intolerance. People that pass judgement without really understanding something. Discrimination. My soapbox is often reserved for things like homophobia and same-sex marriage.

Twosome- All: Is there something that you have to give all or nothing to? Healthy eating – I’ve accepted that I am a gluttonous person, so with me, it’s all or nothing. Either I eat bad or I don’t eat bad. (Hee-hee if Dawn is reading this).

Threesome- Odds: Are you a gambler? What would you bet on and for how much? I’m not a gambler no, the promise of more money doesn’t lure me. I’d rather take the money and by books or shoes :). Occasionally I’ll buy a lottery ticket, or go with my Mom to Bingo…I spent maybe $10 in Vegas on slot machines – next time we go I want to buy in on a poker tournament, not because I think I will win, but just to say I did :).

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