For The Love of Books

I arrived home from work this afternoon to discover that my order from Chapters had arrived – I ripped it open like it was Christmas morning although I already knew what the contents would be – hardcover editions of both The Bell Jar and The Poisonwood Bible, two novels that I’ve been meaning to add to my collection for a while. I’m in love with the Plath but disappointed in the Kingsolver – the hardcover edition of this book turned out to be one of those cheap reproductions with the rough page edges – the kind of book that always ends up in the clearance bin because they’re such poor quality. I’m sending it back – will settle instead for a softcover edition, which is $15 cheaper and almost the price of a second book. (My Chapters Wish list is taking on a life of it’s own – and I’ve discovered today that there’s a new Shopaholic book on the shelves; everyone needs a little braincandy! 🙂

TV Tuesday

Week 25 – Favorite Channels

1. It’s off to an easy start, what’s your favorite channel? HBO

2. What shows are on your favorite channel? Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s not TV, it’s HBO! 🙂

3. Does your favorite channel change often or are you a loyal watcher? I’ve loved HBO ever since we started watching Sex and The City on it some 6-7 years ago. It never fails to come up with new shows and/or miniseries to keep me hooked.

~Bonus~ How much of a creature of habit are you? Do you have a daily or weekly viewing schedule? Is your TV or Cable programmed to switch channels even if you’re not there? Yup, Sunday has typically been HBO night. Tuesday was TAR in the summer, Thursday (in the summer) was Celebrity Poker but is now The Apprentice and Survivor. That’s about it as of late.

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