All TIFFed Out

The TIFF has come and gone and as long of a week as it was, I was sad to see it go. The festival ended last night, our last film for the 2004 TIFF – and the last film for the festival itself – was a midnight screening of Saw. When I heard the TIFF music play for the last time I felt quite melancholy because I knew that that was it for yet another year.

Coincidentally, TIFF celebrated it’s 29th anniversary this year and Tay and I just happened to catch 29 films. Not the 40+ that some avid movie-goers were boasting, but pretty impressive nonetheless.

29 Movies in 8 Days

(in my order of preference, and reserving the right to adjust order :).

The Woodsman

Beyond the Sea

The Motorcycle Diaries




Off Beat


Old Boy

Rahtree: Flower of the Night

The Machinist

Red Dust

I ♥ Huckabees

A Good Woman


Stage Beauty

Double Dare


Arsene Lupin

Bad Education

The Merchant of Venice

A Dirty Shame


5 x 2

Enduring Love

Dead Birds

Silver City


Writer of O

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