Today is, of course, my birthday (finally!). Hoorah!!

Renu called me at 7am to wish my Happy Birthday but I was still asleep. She called again at 9:15. She wanted to know why I wasn’t at work and I laughed – it’s been a few years since I’ve had to work on my birthday. Usually it ties in with TIFF so I’m off anyhow, but even if it didn’t I would still take the day off. I’m a firm believer in people not working on their birthday!!

Anyhow, Renu told me to get up and update my blog so that people could leave my birthday wishes, so here I am!

My plans for today are to have my birthday breakfast on the patio – on the menu is chocolate chip pancakes and coconut-pineapple juice (my special occasion breakfast!) and then I’ve some stuff to do to get ready for Dawn coming (need to make up the bed in the guest room). Plus I should do my laundry I think. And I need to run to the grocery store too.

Dawn flies in just before one, so after picking her up, I am thinking we’ll hang out on the patio. I’m going to make guacamole and probably have club wraps for lunch and perhaps we’ll crack open that bottle of wine that has been in my fridge for way too long. Which remains me, I should probably hit the LCBO and get some cosmos – definitely need a cosmo (or two) later tonight!!

Dinner is tonight at Fazooli’s, I’m very excited – when I was making my reservations I told them I was pretty upset that they had removed their crabshack bread from the menu, (the main reason I LOVE Fazooli’s) but could I special request it and the person on the phone said sure, to just tell our server. So I’m VERY excited – chocolate chip pancakes, guacamole, cosmos AND crabshack bread. What a great day!! 🙂

And then, after dinner, I’m inviting everyone back here for a little karaoke – it’ll probably have to be an early night tho, since festival starts bright and early tomorrow morning, we need to be downtown for 9:30 to see Huckabees. Hooray!

So that’s that, Happy Birthday to me!!

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