Random Thoughts for a Random Day

My house is clean and tidy, the result from the torrential rainfall we had yesterday and me with out a car and only my bike. The windows on the second floor are open and cool evening air is circulating except for in my bedroom – I noticed a few weeks ago that an occasional earwig seemed to be coming in through the window above my bed and nothing keeps me awake more than seeing an earwig on my nightstand before I try and fall asleep.


On Saturday night I went to the Peach Festival with C&E and the Georges – it was surreal to walk underneath the white lights they had strung through the trees and to follow the haphazard paths made by the stalls of the local vendors. We had sausages and nachos, corn on the cob dripping with butter, peach sundaes, fudge and cotton candy. We visited the midway with full bellies, rode the 1000 Nachts and left moments before the skies opened up and poured rain.

There is a bottle of wine in my fridge – a zinfandel, 1 and 1/2 litres. It’s girlish pink hue beckons me and I’m waiting patiently for a girlish friend to come along and sit and drink it with me on my patio. It will either be gone by TIFF or shortly before Thanksgiving, I’m thinking =).

We have been taping numerous television programs while the Olympics have been on, as a result Tay and I watched back to back episodes of SFU which made me very happy. Only, I seemed to be a little confused by the turn of events in this season, it’s suddenly seeming very scripted to me and a little less edgy – particularily the whole Nate and Brenda living happily ever after story line. It’s suddenly seeming kind of soap-operaish, and that’s not allowed to happen because it’s not television, it’s HBO, remember? (Hey Dawn, the season finale just happens to be September 12th! Wishes do come true!)

And Billy is still hot. Claire needs to politely thank Jimmy for showing her photos to his boss (and for helping her with her lack of) and get it on with Billy. Because Billy is where it’s at.

This evening I came home from work with all intents on napping, Tay came along and curled up alongside me. We laid side by side in the early evening glow and chatted about our days until the grumbling of our bellies convinced me I should be cooking rather than sleeping.

Earlier today I had vented to Renu numerous frustrations, in an attempt to make me feel better she came armed this evening with samosas and a potent smelling Jago – when he knew he was coming to visit me he went and doused himself with his mother’s perfume.

Dawn comes in 11 days, which, coincidentally (or not 🙂 is my birthday. I can not wait to see my oldest friend and spend long days and long nights at her side in darkened theatres or in a lineup along Yonge Street. 11 days!

Monday Madness

Name 3 of your favorite…….

1. Colors Butter yellow, burnt orange, olive green.

2. Pizza Toppings Mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers.

3. Department Stores The Bay, Linen’s & Things, Simons (ala Montreal).

4. Flavors of Candy Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate mint

5. Scents of Candles Vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon

6. Days of the Week Friday, Saturday, Sunday

7. Vegetables Tomato, mushroom, cucumber

8. Fruits Avocado, strawberry, watermelon

9. Meals to cook Fettucine alfredo, roast turkey, butter chicken

10. Kitchen Gadgets Hand-blender, whisk, microwave

11. Olympic Sports gymnastics, swimming, diving

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