Gah. I had just finished typing out a somewhat lengthy account of the past few days only to somehow end up deleting it all. Arggggh.

This is what I had mostly blogged about – More judging controversy surrounding Hamm.

Long story short, I was impressed with Aleksei Nemov’s performance and his response to the dismay and disappointment of the audience regarding his low score, but was more impressed with Paul Hamm’s ability to perform his routine in such a demanding environment, also noting that 2 of the 3 gymnasts that followed Hamm’s routine had fallen from the bars, perhaps rattled by the chaos that had occurred in the stadium. Interesting too how one of the gymnasts who fell from the bars was the Korean who had protested Hamm’s gold – his inability to hold it together and Hamm’s ability to do just that has reconfirmed for me that the right athlete won the gold in the men’s all around. Poor Hamm is getting battered in Athens, I bet he can’t wait to go home :).

Olympic Notables

– Canadian gymnast Kyle Shewfelt wins gold on the floor exercise; becoming the first Canadian to win an Olympic gymnastics medal. Hoorah!!

– US Deena Kastor makes a dash from 11th to 3rd, winning the bronze in the women’s marathon; representing Great Britain and the marathon favorite, Paula Radcliffe comes to a halt after slipping to 4th place, 2 hours into the race.

-In the 100m, 4 runners all ran under 9.90, a first in history. Justin Gatlin took the gold, Francis Obikwelu took silver, and Maurice Greene won bronze with Shawn Crawford taking 4th. Prior to winning the gold,Gatlin and Crawford, running side by side in the semifinals, showboated just before crossing the finish line. Commentators publicly criticized the arrogance and lack of respect demonstrated by the two americans, a scolding they rightly deserved.

Proud Owner Of…

I went into Roots on Saturday to check out the Olympic wear – spent some time checking out the Team Canada stuff and then couldn’t help it, wandered into the much smaller (and much less visible) Team USA section where I finally ended up with the zip-up hoodie that I had been coveting the night before.

The salesgirl that was helping me, dressed head-to-toe in Team Canada (including the flipflops), gave me a look of utter disdain when I asked to see the US stuff. “Why would you want that?” she asked with what seemed to be borderline hostility. “Because the US has great athletes,” I retorted, shoving a Team Canada sweater back on the shelf. I then, somewhat cheekily, hinted to her that I might buy Team Canada sweatpants and a Team USA sweatshirt and wear them at the same time. I added that my husband had said that I might be the only Canadian to do such a thing and she looked at me with much seriousness and said, “He’s right.”

Ohh, get over yourself.

Just because I am a supporter of the US team doesn’t make me any less Canadian. Canada is my country, I love it for all the beauty and greatness. When Team Canada is up against Team USA or any other team in the Olympics, I’m cheering for our team. But when we’re performing poorly and we’re not representing ourselves well, I’m not going to begrudge the rest of the world their victories.

And I don’t get what the deal is with Canadians feeling compelled to hate the US simply because of their success (in the Olympics and otherwise). Why are Canadians so insecure about the greatness of the country that they live in? Canadians argue how infinitely better they are than the Americans, how they don’t have the same arrogance but their actions dictate the opposite. It’s petty, and it’s immature, and at times, it can almost make me embarrassed to be a Canadian.

But still, I am Canadian, and proud of it.

I just wear Team USA :).

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