Dangerous Cranky

My mood this evening is bordering on being dangerously cranky – I feel compelled to keep my mouth closed and my fingers light on the keyboard so as to not vent into disastorous territory. Most likely my mood is a result of working a couple of 12-hour days in a row – our database became corrupted a couple of weeks ago, it took our software people a couple of days to examine it and come back with transparent defensiveness and then it took our IT person another couple of days to come to the conclusion that backups of the database haven’t been done properly since our former IT person went on mat leave. Long story short? The database people shrugged and suggested that we must have done something wrong and the only backup IT-dude could offer me was from June 18th. If you do the math, that’s about 53 days worth of work, or just over 7 weeks. Gone faster than you could say “Kill me now.” So not only do I have to continue with my normal day-to-day workload, I also get the task of tackling 7 weeks worth of work which I had already completed. Gah.

So, with that dark cloudy looming above my head, I’m going to meme the Wednesday Matinee and probably clean the dishes that have been piled on my sink since Monday night. Hoorah!

Oh yeah, and I was very much wanting to watch TAR, which we thought had taped last night but in its place was baseball. I goddamn hate baseball.

(Tay is downloading the episode, the gods might appease me yet.)

Wednesday Matinee

1. What’s your favorite monster/creature movie? Zombie movies absolutely terrify me, but I do love them, so either 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead.

2. What movie always gives you a scare, no matter how often you’ve seen it? Easily.. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the real one, all those remakes are pure crap). To do this day, I can’t watch it without wanting to scream.

3. What movie has the best (or your favorite) stunts? Not sure if Matrix would count here, or it that’s strictly special effects?

~If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It Bonus~ Who would you rather be: the first person to get killed quick and easy, or the hero that saves everyone but dies in the end? Bah, the person that saves everyone and then dies. Everyone knows that the first person to die is most often an ignorant dimwit who could, it most cases, avoid getting killed but is silly enough not to.

And to make me feel better….

I love his work, even if it makes me a wee bit homesick.

(But now I feel (somewhat) better :).

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