More Movie Mayhem

So last night, I got together with Irene and Joanne – we went to dinner at Moxie’s and then to see The Notebook. And in the row in front of us was a couple with (I think) three kids – ranging in age from say, 3-6. Fortunately, they were sitting far enough to the left that they weren’t right in front of us, but I glanced their way as the movie began because I quite distinctly heard one of the children declare that she was bored. And as the movie started to play, one of the kids began to cough. And cough some more. I’m not sure if it was one kid coughing or two kids coughing, but then, one of the kids got sick. And all we could hear with this poor kid dry heaving. Finally, the mother decided to pull herself away from the movie and leave the theatre with the really sick kid, leaving the father with the other two kids. And the other kid kept coughing. Through the entire thing. I don’t even know if the mother came back to the theatre or not, but the dad stayed with the other two kids.

Ummm… Yes, I’ve stated before how I feel about kids at movies and how they shouldn’t be there, especially at movies that are definitely not geared towards kids. But to drag your sick kids to a movie theatre and not care that they are being exposed to very cold air conditioning and coughing and throwing up just because you want to see a movie with your husband really, really appalls me. What could possibly have been going on in the mind of the parents to bring unwell children to a movie? I just don’t get it. If they were REALLy determined to see the movie, why not save the $18 they probably spent on the children admissions and arrange for a babysitter. (Or be a good parent and just stay home with your sick child – gee, what a novel thought!).

Before, when I blogged about my frustrations with children at movies, Renu pointed out to me that going to the movies is a way to spend quality time together for families. She used as an example families that might not have the money to take their kids on holidays, so they go to the movies because that is all they can afford. And I can understand that – I remember going to the movies with my dad and my sisters and I absolutely loved those outings, but we didn’t go to adult movies and my parents would NEVER have taken us if we had been as sick as those kids were last night.

I mean, really.


Sidenote: Joanne and Irene absolutely hated The Notebook. I, on the otherhand, enjoyed it. I’m not sure I would describe it as a fabulous, must-see movie but I went into it with very low expecations and the movie surpassed what I hoped for. I think Irene and Joanne did the opposite, I think they were expecting more and got less, so they were disappointed. Irene complained that you knew exactly what was going to happen, and that it was a ‘formula’ movie – and I agree with that assessment, there was no surprises, but every once in a while, it’s nice to go to a movie and have it laid out ther for you, where you don’t have to think and can just enjoy. I especially enjoyed the time-era of the movie – I love pieces that take place in the 40’s – I enjoy the hairstyles, clothing, shoes and the bright red lipstick. The big plantation homes and the big shiny cars and the music! The settings were so well done, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are absolutely beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking so I was very visually stimulated – and sometimes, I guess that’s all it takes :).

The Amazing Race

With the exception of the wonders of Egypt, TAR this week was relatively uneventful. I got a kick out of how M&C sneaked off to catch an earlier flight, leaving the rest of the teams sleeping and therefore place second. As unlikable as they might be (Well I don’t like Mirna, Charla I can handle), they’re doing considerably better than most of the teams. I get a kick out of how sneaky they are – they are the scrappiest team by far!

RoadBlock: Climbing to the base of the shaft and retrieving the satchel looked easy enough – I would be more than willing to do the climb down but Tay would probably be faster, so I’d let him climb down. (And if you remember, he would have made me eat the caviar last week so fair is fair! 🙂

Detour: Hump & Ride or Rock N’Roll – Neither of these looked particularily hard – if I had a considerable lead on the other teams I would opt for the Hump & Ride. How cool!

Wednesday Matinee

1. What’s your favorite Tom Cruise movie? I loved Top Gun and Rainman, thought he was terrific in Magnolia but would probably say my favorite would be Eyes Wide Shut.

2. Which child celebrity do you think has the most potential? Giovanni, baby!! He is an untapped well of talent and good looks! (But, in reading Ebert’s review of The Notebook, he noted that he thought Gosling has been identified as one of the best actors of his generation and praised McAdams for her beauty and clarity – I would have to concede to these observations; potential definitely exists here.)

3. Which typically “comedy” actor do you think would make a good serial killer (in a movie)? Jim Carey is known for his comedic roles, but I’ve seen his talent potential in serious roles like Man on the Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – he could be absolutely terrifying in the roll of a serial killer.

~Take The Bus Bonus~ Which end-of-the-summer movie are you looking forward to seeing? Open Water, for sure!!

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