News in Brief

-On the weekend I purchased a single person hammock for the back deck which I set up Saturday afternoon. Sunday evening I had a very satisfying napping experience on said hammock with a book (Can You Keep A Secret) and a blanket. Reservations are currently being accepted – all hammock users will receive a complimentary beer or cocktail, use of pillow and blanket optional.

-On Monday I attended a focus group, funded by the LCBO. For two hours we talked about coolers and mixed drinks, with colorfull markers we drew pictures of ourselves drinking coolers and mixed drinks. We were given bottles of alcohol and told to make mini-drink villages with them and subsequently name them (I came up with Ceasar’s Palace for all the bottled Ceasars, and MargaritaVille for the margaritas) and then we played around with merchandising. I received $60 for my opinion and I really enjoy focus groups – and still think there’s a career to be had there :).

-We watched The Amazing Race last night – not nearly as into it as I was last year – the teams this year don’t seem to be nearly as interesting. I don’t particularily dislike any team, which is usually fuels my interest. However, watching members from each team trying to consume mass amounts of caviar, while revolting, was somewhat engaging. Kind of like a train wreck in a way.

Detours: 1 Shot or  5 Shots? When I first heard about them, my instinct had me blocking the hockey shots because I thought drinking a shot of vodka off the side of a sword might prove difficult. Either could have been accomplished with relative ease I think. 

RoadBlock: Gah. Tay informs me that I would be the one eating the Kg (That’s 2 lbs!) of caviar. I’m slightly nauseous just thinking of it, but would I do it and could I do it? Probably, if I set my mind to it. But still, Blech.


-I have not been feeling well the past few days – not sure what is up, my symptoms have been minor and everchanging. Stuffed head, runny nose, headachy, slight nauseous. A busy-busy week at work doesn’t help matters much either – today I left in the early afternoon and came home and slept for what turned out to be 4+ hours. As a result, I’m feeling better but wide awake –  and it’s almost one. (Just took inventory of my symptoms – the only thing currently plaguing me is mild nausea. I wish my body would decide if it’s sick or not, I hate this inbetween stage.)


-Tonight I upended a bowl of warm mashed potatoes all over the kitchen floor – and the only response it emitted from me was a dismayed “Oh!”. I continually impress myself with my controlled reactions – I can think of many other words that could have substituted for my mild “Oh!” 🙂


-We are having a party/barbeque on Friday night, I spent some time this evening planning the menu so I can do most of my prep work tomorrow evening after I go to the grocery store.  Most looking forward to the guacamole and the bruschetta :).


Wednesday Matinee

1. What’s your favorite suspense movie? Like Dawn, Hitchcock is high on my list, with Rear Window being my favorite. And all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies – Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable. Can’t wait for The Village!

2. Do you lose sleep on good horror / suspense movies? They don’t neccesarily keep me awake, but they’ll revisit me in my dreams. I try hard not to watch scary movies before bed, as a result.

3. Would you make a pact with the devil to save yourself or those you love?
Mmm…after watching movies like Rosemary’s Baby or Devil’s Advocate, I dunno. Probably not to save myself, because really, I wouldn’t be saving myself. To save those I love? Probably.

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