The weather today was hot and humid; with the humidex, it made the temperatures feel like 39 degrees. I waited until the sun was almost gone before I ventured out on my bike into the somewhat coolish evening. I have been riding my bike (err..Irene’s bike 🙂 a lot lately – I’ve been riding to and from the mall and to the gym and to the pool in the evenings and have been enjoying riding around the darkening streets with only the sound of my tires on the pavement to keep me company. It’s eerily calming to be driving down streets dimly lit while alongside me darkened houses give the illusion of a sleeping neighborhood. Occasionally I come across another bicyclist, or people out for a late evening walk. Sometimes, people stand at the end of the driveways being neighborly, their voices too low for me to catch snippets as I ride by. Tonight I rode for almost 9km, devising in my head a route as I rode along, trying to stay out as long as possible so I could get as close to my 10km as possible. After the torment of a sweltering day the streets were filled with others like me, wanting to cool off, wanting to breathe – and as I pedalled along I couldn’t help but observe the liveliness around me. Halfway home I found myself riding past a huge park – through the trees I could see lights shining and hear people talking. I detoured up a slight incline, down a paved path and discovered what could only be acres of well-maintained tennis courts, baseball diamonds and playgrounds. In both diamonds there were  games of baseball occurring, all the tennis courts were occupied and at the icecream truck situated at the edge of the park were families lined up. I longed for a couple of dollars in my pocket to by something cool, something slushy with shards of ice and too much sugar, with droplets that would collect on the side of the paper cup and drip onto my sweaty skin as I drank. I biked along feeling like I had stumbled onto a seperate world, I looked around me in all directions and wondered how I could have been driving past here for the the past six years or so and never have realized that all this existed. And on my way home, I rode through the church sprinkler that sprayed out over the sidewalk and it felt sublime; I rode past two young girls walking, one of them talking to the other in a rich Italian accent about how her other friend ordered the cappelletti.

Wednesday Matinee

July 21, 2004

Coming soon at a meme near you:

1. Do you base your movie choices on critics’ reviews? Not really ~ I will often read Ebert’s review after I’ve seen a movie to not only get a different perspective but to also possibly find out things that I hadn’t known or perhaps hadn’t noticed.

2. Do you like movie trailers and previews? Do they influence your movie choices? Sometimes, depending on the how well the trailer is put together. A good trailer can easily convince me to see a movie I might have felt unenthused about, but vice versa as well.

3. Do you usually like movies that your friends or family suggest? Depends on what friends and family, but to be fair, I give most movies the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.


~Bad Review Bonus~ Do you like the previews before the movie starts or usually arrive late to avoid them? I *love* movie trailers but absolutely HATE the commercials they play beforehand.


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