I just got home from biking over to the mall to get some hair spray – today has been unseasonably cool, with the evening even cooler so it seemed like a good opportunity to investigate the ride to the mall and back. The ride there was a breeze – it took me about fifteen minutes from when I left the house. Got to the Walmart side, found the bike rack, locked it up and ran my errands. When I left the mall though, I had a bit of trouble getting my front tire back on my bike – fiddled with it for a few minutes before I figured out my mistake and then took off – but all the way home I kept glancing at my front tire wondering if I did something wrong putting it back on because biking was feeling so much harder and my wheel didn’t seem to be moving quite so smoothly as my back one. By the time I got home I was dripping in sweat which seemed odd, since I hardly broke a sweat on my way there. Debated taking the wheel off and putting it back on again to see if I could find something the matter but was too tired. Parked the bike in the garage without investigating further.




I’m still trying to decide whether or not to register for the triathalon in September – I am running out of time to prepare. I’m working hard at trying to get into a workout routine – Monday night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill, Tuesday I biked to the pool and swam 500m. And tonight I biked to the mall and back. I can definitely do all aspects of the tri seperately, but combining them together one after the other is a little daunting (350m swim, 2km run, 10km bike).


All in all this has been a tiring week – I think I am starting to burn out at work but my workload doesn’t seem to be lessening any in what is supposed to be our lowpoint of the year. All this week I have been coming home and sleeping for an hour or so – it’s been helping, I wake up rejuvenated and more able to get stuff done (dinner, cleaning up, gym, etc). And then I stay awake later, so it’s more time with Tay. Tomorrow, thank god, is our half day – we’re on summer hours which means we work an extra hour M-TH and finish Fridays at noon. Yes, hard life, I know. Tay always reminds me of it ;).


Anyhow, Tay got the second volume of Karaoke Revolution this afternoon – he’s been singing all night, unlocking songs and characters – right now I can hear the thumping of Hot Stuff from below. I told him as soon as I finish my blog update I will join go him for a round or two. My character got a funky new outfit and there are some songs that I just have to sing – I will Survive being just one of them :).


Thursday Tattler…July 15, 2004

Maiden/Married Names

Did you take your husband’s name when you got married? I’ve taken it so to speak, I haven’t made the legal changes yet, but it’s how they know me at work now.

Did you want to? If I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have.

Would you have preferred to keep your own? Some people easily give up their name, some people refuse to, some people do it but have a hard time. I was willing to give up my name and it wasn’t really a hard decision, but it was a little difficult. It’s how I was defined for 28 years so it’s not as easy some might think. When I process the papers, I’m changing my middle name from Lynn to McDonald so that I still have my name.

Do you like your married name? Yes – I’m happy to be part of my husband’s family.

Which do you like better your maiden name or your married name? My maiden name is still more familiar to me, but I am getting used to my married name – so while I might be partial to my maiden, I’ve no doubt I will get used to my married :).  



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