Finally! Something Blog-worthy!

So I was driving to work today, cruising at a comfortable speed of 120 or so, singing along to my Dirty Dancing soundtrack when the stereo cut out on me. I briefly questioned, “What the ?” before reaching over to fiddle with the stereo. No luck, I was without music. I then noticed that all the gauges on the car had zeroed themselves, including the spedometer, which meant I had NO idea what speed I was travelling at. Interestingly enough, I didn’t think much of it, just thought that the gauges on the car had faulted out (yes, coincidentally, at the same time as my stereo). It didn’t even cross my mind that the car had died, mostly because I was still mobile (and both my gas and brake seemed to work). The thought did cross my mind that I might want to switch lanes, and get in the far left lane, which I did.

So I get to my exit, which I take, and I drive on up to the red light and come to a stop, fully prepared to make a right hand turn. And then, nothing. The car just… stopped. I tried to turn the engine over to no avail, without really thinking about it I reached to turn my hazards on and wasn’t even reassured by the click-click-click. Nothing. So behind me, cars are now honking, I’m throwing my hands in the air in gestures of mixed emotion – confusion, panic, embarassment, frustration. A car pulled up alongside me, the driver asked if I needed a push, I shrugged and told him I didn’t know what had happened. He drover around me and stopped his car; him and his son got out of the car. The man suggested that he and his son push the car out of the turning lane; while they did that I borrowed the son’s phone to call Tay and tell him what had happened. By the time I hung up, the man had turned his car around and was getting ready to give me a boost. They must have tried boosting for 5 minutes or so with no luck – then we tried what Tay had suggested – for me to have them push me while I first held the clutch, then, with the car in 1st, release the clutch and press on the gas. No luck either, but it so happened that we were on a downward hill so the car started to coast (this all happening like a 1 minute drive from work – I could see the Esso station that is part of our plaza.) The car eventually coasts to a stop – I gesture at a large parking lot maybe 100 feet ahead of us and suggest we push the car in there. Good as place as any, as it was right across the street from work and the lot was big and 1/3 empty. Me, the man and his son push the car (later, the towtruck dude told me that civics are the easiest car to push, I believe it – we had the car in the lot with little effort). The whole time I’m thanking the man and his son profusely, and apologizing for the inconvenience. We get to the lot, the son runs back up the hill to fetch the car, I start to thank the man again and indicate that I am okay here on it – he then insists they drive me to work. So across the street we go, and as I am getting out (saying Thank you, thank you, thank you), the man thanks me (for what, I don’t know!) and then I go wearily into work, over half an hour late and call Tay, who ended up calling CAA and having the car towed back here, where, when he tries to boost the car it starts. So not sure why the car didn’t start when the man tried to boost it – maybe not enough power in their vehicle but whatever, Tay got it to work and then on his lunch hour he replaces the alternator which seemed to do the trick because now the car seems to run fine. Phew! (And I ended up getting a ride home with Indira who seemed more than happy to give me a lift, as did a number of other staff, which was fortunate for me (and Tay, who would have otherwise had to come and pick me up).

Poor car.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and at 8:30am, Renu and Jai are becoming Canadian Citizens. I asked if I could go along to witness their oaths; afterwards, we are going out for breakfast to celebrate. It’s an important day for them and I am looking forward to sharing it with them. It means a lot to me that they are becoming citizens and will now be able to enjoy all our beautiful country has to offer to it’s fullest. As both Jayant and Jago would say, Yahoo! 🙂

As a result of Canada Day, I am off tomorrow – I return to work Friday but then am off Saturday – Wednesday, returning to work on the Thursday. Jody arrives on Sunday, so I get the weekend to myself and then three whole days with my sister. I’ve been working on a tenative plan, Sunday we are staying in and having a quiet dinner, Monday we shop for her dress, Monday night I think we’ll be eating at Moxie’s, Tuesday we do the invitations for the wedding and the Wednesday we’re going downtown to have lunch and then see Mama Mia. I’m excited, can’t wait!! 🙂


From the Toronto Star:

“An entire food court in Toronto’s Chinatown district was shut down yesterday after health officials discovered an infestation of rats and cockroaches…Inspectors destroyed about 500 pounds of food deemed a health hazard due to improper temperatures, cross-contamination and unsanitary conditions.”

And tomorrow, in honor of Canada Day, the Mandarin is providing a free buffet to any Canadian citizen – but I wonder how many people will be in the mood for Chinese food. Patrons of downtown Chinatown might want to check it out, it’ll be a step up for them, at the very least.Also from the Toronto Star,”I come two or three times a week,” said one woman, tugging at a locked door to the food court. “It’s cheap — $2.99 for five items. But there are some problems. Sometimes the food is not cooked and it’s not very clean.”

Double Yuuuuuck.

Wednesday Matinee

1. What’s your favorite superhero movie? Blade and/or Unbreakable.

2. Which actor would you like to see as a superhero? Interesting how I found myself considering only male actors at first, yet we have super-hero-like-quality roles played by female actors like Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu in Kill Bill and consider Lucy Liu in movies like PayBack and even (superfluous cheese that it is) Charlie’s Angels. That said, I would LOVE to see either of them in a kickass superhero movie like Wonderwoman :).

3. Which actor do you think would make a good villain? Johnny Depp.

~Crazy Experiment Bonus~ What book or comic would you like to see made into a movie? Ah… comic? WonderWoman, like I just said, or even the Archie comics could be a fun movie. Bookwise? Now that I am about 2/3rds of the way through the Dark Tower Series, I would say them. And The Shopaholic series has the potential to be extremely funny, if done right.

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