Excuse Me While I VROOOM

So the Civic has a new engine in it, which works out to about 50% more horsepower. (I think that’s what Tay said). And before, where it was peppy, it now has spunk. I’ve been driving it to and from work the past two days and I really notice a difference – I can feel how much faster it is, and how much more power it has. The guys at work thought I ‘zoomed’ around in my car before; wait until they see me go now!! But. While it might DRIVE like a race car, it also SOUNDS like a race car. VROOOOOOOOM! The exhaust is pretty loud on the car, I can hear it grumbling when I rev the engine, and when I’m on the highway going at a good pace I have a choice between listening to the car or listening to my stero REALLY LOUD. Yesterday I pulled into the parking lot at work just as Carol was arriving. “Did you hear my car?” I asked as we walked into work together. “Did you hear how LOUD it is?” “I did,” she said. “It sounds cool!” According to Carol, girls have tremendous respect for other girls that drive cool cars that make big noise. And Stephanie observed that my car was going to be a guy magnet, since guys dig hot girls that drive hot cars.

I might be able to get used to being a cool girl driving a blinged out car :).

Ten Things That Annoy You When You Drive

From Ten on Tuesday
, June 8, 2004

Not sure if it’s my new ride, but other drivers have been irritating the hell out of me the past two days – they keep getting in my way! They can hear me coming, why not move!! In honor of that, my top ten driving grievances:

(In random order, at any given moment one thing might irk me over the other)

1. Drivers that lunge out of a side street so they can get in front of you then slow down drastically.

2. People who are lost and are trying to figure out where they are going, all while driving about 20km/hr in front of you.

3. Same as #2 but they are on their cell phone.

4. People who drive below the speed limit in the left lane.

5. People who switch lanes without signaling.

6. When you stop and let another driver out in front of you and they don’t bother to acknowledge your gracious gesture with a wave. Goddamn selfish !@$%#!

7. Any big truck that tries to pass another big truck but ends up driving the same speed, therefore blocking both lanes of traffic. Goddamn selfish !@$%#!

8. People who try and make a right hand turn while talking on their cell phone (but fail miserably).

9. Drivers who brake for no reason other than to send the driver behind them crazy.

10. Drivers who can’t decide what lane they should be in and therefore decide to have a bit of both lane by driving on the line.

Wednesday Matinee

1. What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie?I’m quite fond of Forrest Gump, and I still love Big to this day, but I think I enjoyed him most in League of their Own :).

2. Which actor has the most range of emotions?Oh dear, that’s a tough one. I think Jimmy Stewart would definitely be a classic choice in that sense. But today? I really don’t know. Marcia Gay Harden has impressed me in a number of her movies, with her range of emotion, especially in Pollock.

3. If you were involved in making movies, what job would you like to do? As interested as I am in the writing aspect, I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated with casting – so casting director, I suppose.

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